Thursday, June 22, 2017


 Racism, particularly institutional and structural racism, is still a significant problem in this society.  'Institutional racism involves polices, practices, and procedures of institutions that have a disproportionately negative effect on racial minorities’ access to and quality of goods, services, and opportunities. (aa)   Racial inequalities can not be eliminate through class based remedies alone.  Thus,  it is not unrealistic to expect the candidates to have a comprehensive plan for eliminating racial inequalities.   This assessment is not about which candidate's platform is best  but which candidate not only acknowledges the existence of racial disparities, but also includes a plan to eliminate racial inequalities.  The candidate may actually address a issue in away designed to improve access and quality for everyone but fails to discuss how they will eliminate racial inequalities. 

Remember this assessment is very narrow.  Be sure to read the candidate's platform (website)  to make a comprehensive assessment of the impact of their plans on you, your family and your community.


Grade Based on the following

Does the platform make “racial justice” a top level issue?                                                  35%

Does the platform identify the problem as institutional and systemic racism/discrimination?  25%

How well is the candidate’s platform likely to “eliminate racial inequalities"?                        3 0%

Does the platform address reparative justice?                                                                   10

Does the candidate’s platform support an anti-discrimination law for the 21st century

           based on ICERD and making all forms of racial discrimination illegal                         10%



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