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American Indian and Inuits

Title Created Date Author Hits
American Indian Tribes 05 August 2011 Written by Hits: 4479
American Tribes by Region 05 August 2011 Written by Hits: 4406
Indians and The Vampire Law 05 August 2011 Written by John Rockwell Snowden, Wayne Tyndall, David Smith Hits: 7101
The Outdated "Blood" Test Used to Determine Indian Status in Federal Criminal Prosecution 14 April 2012 Written by Quintin Cushner and Jon M. Sands Hits: 4303
To Be or Not to Be: Who Is an “Indian Person”? 05 April 2012 Written by Daniel Donovan and John Rhodes Hits: 7101
The Assimilation of Native Juveniles via Federal Policies on Education, Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice 05 April 2013 Written by Ryan Seelau Hits: 6977
Death by Boarding School: "The Last Acceptable Racism" and the United States' Genocide of Native Americans 24 January 2014 Written by Ann Piccard Hits: 6260
Paint Chip Indians 27 December 2015 Written by M. Alexander Pearl Hits: 3969

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