Thursday, September 20, 2018


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Dying While Black:
Why Reparations is the Only Cure for the Black Health Deficit!

September 25, 6:00 p.m.   
Free - Registration Required: 


 Laura M. Padilla

excerpted from: Laura M. Padilla, Intersectionality And Positionality: Situating Women of Color in The Affirmative Action Dialogue, 66 Fordham Law Review 843, 853-885 (December, 1997)(432 footnotes omitted)

This part considers popular myths about affirmative action and women of color, juxtaposing the myths against women's lived realities. In particular, I look at five myths:

(1) the myth that women of color double-dip from affirmative action;
(2) the myth that affirmative action disregards merit for women of color;
(3) the myth that affirmative action is inappropriate for women of color because it does not fit the perpetrator-victim or reparations model;
(4) the myth that affirmative action is harmful to women of color because it is stigmatizing; and
(5) the myth that affirmative action is ineffective because it disregards low-income persons. By debunking these myths, I hope to break down barriers to the continuation of affirmative action for women of color.




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