Economic Issues

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Leveraging Tribal Sovereignty for Economic Opportunity: aStrategic Negotiations Perspective Written by Gavin Clarkson and Jim Sebenius Hits: 4021
A Comment on Justice O'connor's Quest for Power and its Impact on African American Wealth Written by Joan Tarpley Hits: 6086
American Indian Entrepreneurs: Unique Challenges, Unlimited Potential Written by Robert J. Miller Hits: 4224
Annotated Bibliography: “Raising Minimum Wage, Raising Quality of Life” Written by Student (Spring 2012) Hits: 16791
Application of the Bankruptcy Code to Indian Tribes Written by Alexander Hogan Hits: 10390
Bankruptcy Disparities by Race Written by Rory Van Loo Hits: 5303
Checks Payable on Due Date as Alternative to PayDay Lending Written by Linda R. Crane Hits: 3378
Circumventing State Consumer Protection Laws: Tribal Immunity and Internet Payday Lending Written by Heather L. Petrovich Hits: 8159
Congress Protected the Troops: Can the New CFBP Protect Civilians from Payday Lending? Written by Creola Johnson Hits: 4378
Debt and Discipline: Neoliberal Political Economy and the Working Classes Written by Tayyab Mahmud Hits: 11025
Discriminatory Effects of Credit Scoring on Communities of Color Written by Lisa Rice and Deidre Swesnik Hits: 9330
Economic Empowerment: Washington and du Bois Approaches Hits: 6152
Impact of the Economic Stimulus Plan on Communities of Color Written by Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity Hits: 3595
Income Tax and Civil Rights Law Written by Laura Sager and Stephen Cohen Hits: 5659
Is Anything Ever Free?: NAFTA the FTAA and Minorities Written by Karla Shantel Jackson Hits: 3947
Legal Landscape of Payday Lending Written by Amy J. Schmitz Hits: 5533
Now the Robber Barons Replace the Welfare Queens (and Rightly So) Written by David A. Love Hits: 3344
Payday Peonage: Thirteenth Amendment Implications in Payday Lending Written by Zoë Elizabeth Lees Hits: 8162
Persisting Disparities: Globalization and the Economic Status of African Americans Written by Clarence Lusane Hits: 5775
Race and Empathy in Corporate Governance Processes Hits: 6900
Race and the Mortgage Meltdown Written by Video Hits: 2961
Race, Markets, and Hollywood's Perpetual Antitrust Dilemma Written by Hosea H. Harvey Hits: 4891
Racial Discrimination and Directorial Duty of Care Written by Cheryl L. Wade Hits: 5310
Recession and the Racial Wealth Divide Written by Video Hits: 3204
Refusing to Work: a Form of Resistance Written by Tommie Shelby Hits: 5641
Shopping While Black Written by Anne-Marie G. Harris Hits: 5123
Social Security and African American Families: Unmasking Race and Gender Discrimination Written by Laura Ann Foster Hits: 6615
Tax and Race: the Impact on Asian Americans Written by Mylinh Uy Hits: 11862
The Need for a Critical "Raced" Economics Written by Charles R.P. Pouncy Hits: 3545
Tribal Energy Development: Renewables and the Problemof the Current Statutory Structures Written by Judith V. Royster Hits: 3506
Unconditional Bailout for Rich White People, Tough Love for the Rest of Us Written by Hits: 3503
Will US Black and White Household Incomes Ever Converge? Written by Brooks Robinson Hits: 2407

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