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Employment Issues

Title Created Date Author Hits
Performing in a Hostile Environment 05 April 2012 Written by Phoebe Weaver Williams Hits: 3440
Annotated Bibliography: Racial Inequality and Workplace Discrimination 24 April 2012 Written by Student (Spring 2012) Hits: 12843
Title VII's Unintended Beneficiaries: White Supremacist Group 14 April 2012 Hits: 3804
Need Not Apply: The Racial Disparate Impact of Pre-employment Criminal Background Checks 05 April 2012 Written by Roberto Concepcin, Jr. Hits: 18232
An Industry Missing Minorities: the Disparate Impact of the Securities and Exchange Commission's Fingerprinting Rule 05 April 2012 Written by Kelly Noonan Hits: 5458
“Don't Kill the Messenger”: Reprisal Discrimination in the Enforcement of Civil Rights Laws 05 April 2012 Written by Floyd D. Weatherspoon Hits: 5798
Remedying Employment Discrimination Against African-American Males: Stereotypical BiasesEngender a Case of Race plus Sex Discrimination 05 April 2012 Written by Floyd D. Weatherspoon Hits: 39846
Disparate Treatment and Disparate Impact of the “Currently Employed” Requirement 26 January 2013 Written by Jennifer Jolly-Ryan Hits: 3786
Employing the Presidential Executive Order and the Law to Provide Integrated Conflict Management Systems and Adr Processes: the Proposed National Employment Dispute Resolution Act (Nedra) 29 January 2013 Written by Lamont E. Stallworth and Daniel J. Kaspar Hits: 3865
In Search of a Second Chance: Reconsidering Occupational Licensing Restrictions on Felons 30 January 2013 Written by Lahny R. Silva Hits: 12276
To Check or Not to Check: New EEOC Enforcement Guidance on the Use of Criminal History Information in Making Hiring Decisions 12 April 2013 Written by Jon D. Bible Hits: 6265
“Unemployed (And Black) Need Not Apply” 28 April 2013 Written by Jasmine A. Williams Hits: 10338
Domestic Workers and A Legacy of Legislative Exclusion 28 April 2013 Written by James Lin Hits: 6091
Categorically Black, White, or Wrong: “Misperception Discrimination” and the State of Title VII Protection 26 November 2013 Written by D. Wendy Greene Hits: 6443
Amending Title VII to Safeguard the Viability of Retaliation Claims 13 December 2013 Written by Brandon Wheeler Hits: 3408
Reforming Employment Discrimination Doctrine to Combat the Negative Consequences of Ban-the-box Legislation (Abstract) 22 May 2017 Written by Nina Kucharczyk Hits: 28

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