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Family and Adoption

Title Created Date Author Hits
Contractual and Statutory Basics for a "New" African American Coparenting Joint Adoption Model 05 April 2012 Written by Angela Mae Kupenda, Angelia L. M. Wallace, Jamie Deon Travis, Brandon Issac Dorsey and Bryant Guy Hits: 3832
Flashpoints and the Indian Child Welfare Act 05 April 2012 Written by Barbara Ann Atwood Hits: 5964
The Black Family: Confronting the Lie of Black Inferiority 05 April 2012 Written by Enola G. Aird Hits: 6437
What's Wrong With Me? 05 April 2012 Written by Asher D. Isaacs Hits: 2927
Model Race Preference Statute 05 April 2012 Written by Asher D. Isaacs Hits: 3061
Transracial Adoption and the Unblinkable Difference 05 April 2012 Written by Jennifer Swize Hits: 7415
Foster Care for Minority Children 05 April 2012 Written by Ruth McRoy Hits: 6754
Race Matters in Adoption 05 April 2012 Written by Ruth-Arlene W. Howe Hits: 5543
Dark Secrets: Obedience Training, Rigid Physical Violence, Black Parenting, and Reassessing theOrigins of Instability in the Black Family Through a Re-reading of Fox Butterfield's All God'sChildren 05 April 2012 Written by Reginald Leamon Robinson Hits: 7249
Families of Color in Crisis: Bearing the Weight of the Financial Market Meltdown 05 April 2012 Written by André Douglas Pond Cummings Hits: 6610
Fathers Behind Bars: Rethinking Child Support Policy Toward Low-income Noncustodial Fathersand Their Families 24 June 2012 Written by Tonya L. Brito Hits: 23721
Creating a Child-friendly Child Welfare System: Effective Early Intervention to Prevent Maltreatment and Protect Victimized Children 15 February 2013 Written by Elizabeth Bartholet Hits: 4331
The (In)visibility of Motherhood in Family Court Proceedings 22 February 2013 Written by Melissa L. Breger Hits: 4075
Transracial Adoption in the United States: The Reflection and Reinforcement of Racial Hierarchy 11 April 2014 Written by David Ray Papke Hits: 3095
Racial Bias in American Foster Care: The National Debate 12 April 2014 Written by Tanya Asim Cooper Hits: 4250

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