Saturday, September 23, 2017

Property, Housing and Land

Title Created Date Author Hits
An Attempted Revolution in Native American Housing: the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-determination Act 05 April 2012 George H. Cortelyou Hits: 5197
Racially Restrictive Covenants and Mexican Americans 05 April 2012 Christopher Ramos Hits: 7649
Free: Liberty, Citizenship, Property 05 April 2012 Phyliss Craig-Taylor Hits: 3616
The Limited Equity Coop as a Vehicle for Affordable Housing in a Race and Class Divided Society 05 April 2012 Duncan Kennedy Hits: 4776
Homeownership: In Black and White 05 April 2012 Adam Gordon Hits: 5548
 Racial Predatory Lending and  African American Wealth Accumulation 05 April 2012 Charles Lewis Nier III Hits: 6349
African American Farmers and Fair Lending 05 April 2012 Cassandra Jones Havard Hits: 3977
Undermining Black Landownership, Political Independence, And Community Through Partition Sales of Tenancies in Common 05 April 2012 Thomas W. Mitchell Hits: 6603
Anti-illegal   Immigrant Ordinances, and Housing Discrimination 09 April 2012 Rigel C. Oliveri Hits: 5172
Moving Beyond Two-person-per-bedroom: RevitalizingApplication of the Federal Fair Housing Act to Private Residential Occupancy Standards 05 April 2012 Tim Iglesias Hits: 5811
Race, Disparate Impact and the Federal Housing Administration 05 April 2012 Eric W.M. Bain Hits: 8062
Copyright Protection's Challenges and Alaska Natives' Cultural Property 03 January 2013 Vernellia Randall Hits: 3460
Landscape Fairness: Removing Discrimination from the Built Environment 26 November 2013 Stephen Clowney Hits: 4583

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