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Title Created Date Author Hits
Dismantling the Sex Slave Trade 05 April 2012 Helen Fisher Hits: 6082
Common Stereotypes of African American Women 05 April 2012 Marilyn Yarbrough with Crystal Bennett Hits: 17087
Mammy Jezebel and Sistahs 05 April 2012 Marilyn Yarbrough with Crystal Bennett Hits: 51788
The Newest Siblings: Cassandra 05 April 2012 Marilyn Yarbrough with Crystal Bennett Hits: 14298
Compensating "Comfort Women" of World War II 05 April 2012 Joseph P. Nearey Hits: 8249
A Latina Experience of Race Discrimination 05 April 2012 Celina Romany and Katherine Culliton Hits: 7580
Lil' Kim And Foxy Brown- Caricature of Black Womanhood 05 April 2012 Lori A. Tribbett-Williams Hits: 7741
Sex Slavery and Trafficking of African Women in Western Europe 05 April 2012 Melanie R. Wallace Hits: 7882
Indian Policy and the Imagined Indian Woman 05 April 2012 Bethany R. Berger Hits: 8052
The Realities of Enslaved Female Africans in America 05 April 2012 Gloria J. Browne-Marshall Hits: 6730
Sister to Sister: A Response from One White Woman to Another 05 April 2012 Elayna A. Monts Hits: 14432
Immigrant Latina Domestic Workers and Sexual Harassment 09 April 2012 Diana Vellos Hits: 13672
Ku Klux Klan and Sexualized Racism/Gendered Violence 09 April 2012 Lisa Cardyn Hits: 7044
A Perfect Storm: The U.S. Anti-trafficking Regime's Failure to Stop the Sex Trafficking of American Indian Women and Girls 05 April 2012 Andrea L. Johnson Hits: 29839
Remediating Discrimination Against African American Female Athletes at the Intersection of Title IX and Title VI 16 June 2012 Alfred Dennis Mathewson Hits: 11454
Black Women’s Hair and the Law: When Race and Gender Intersect 15 December 2012 Paulette M. Caldwell Hits: 22641
Another Hair Piece: Exploring New Strands of Analysis under Title VII 15 December 2012 Angela Onwuachi-Willig Hits: 7834
Seeking Justice in Missouri: The Case of The Honorable Barbara T. Peebles 18 December 2012 Athena Mutua Hits: 5276
Ain't I a Victim? The Intersectionality of Race, Class, and Gender in Domestic Violence 28 December 2012 Geneva Brown Hits: 25652
How U.S. Policy Denies Indian Women Bodily Autonomy and the SAVE Native Women Act's Attempt to Reverse That Policy 29 January 2013 Hossein Dabiri Hits: 5187
The Importation of Female Genital Mutilation to the West: the Cruelest Cut of All 16 March 2013 Patricia A. Broussard Hits: 16836
Hit it and Quit It”: Responses to Black Girls' Victimization in School 05 April 2013 Sonja C. Tonnesen Hits: 19348
Lean In and One Percent Feminism 07 April 2013 Linda Burnham Hits: 12773
The Tokyo IMT's Legacy of Forgetting Crimes of Violence Against Women 07 January 2014 Caroline Joan (Kay) S. Picart Hits: 4669
Title IX Narratives, Intersectionality, and Male-biased Conceptions of Racism 26 May 2017 Antuan M. Johnson Hits: 569
Riding the Wave or Drowning?: An Analysis of Gender Bias and Twombly/iqbal in Title IX Accused Student Lawsuits (Abstract) 31 May 2017 Bethany A. Corbina Hits: 732

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