Criminal Justice, Generrally

Title Author Hits
Solutions to the Discriminatory Bail System Written by Lydia D. Johnson Hits: 4080
A Snitch in Time: An Historical Sketch of Black Informing During Slavery Written by Andrea L. Dennis Hits: 4775
The Phantom Defense: the Unavailability of the Entrapment Defense in New York City “Plain View” Marijuana Arrests Written by Ari Rosmarin Hits: 4436
"Curing" Own Race Bias: What Cognitive Science and the Henderson Case Teach about Improving Jurors' Ability to Identify Race-tainted Eyewitness Error Written by Andrew E. Taslitz Hits: 3604
"Like Wolves in Sheep's Clothing": Combating Racial Bias in Washington State's Criminal Justice System Written by Krista L. Nelson and Jacob J. Stender Hits: 4341
"Sounding Black": Court-sanctioned Racial Stereotyping Written by Lis Wiehl Hits: 15176
15 Dead in Ohio: Cincinnati's Black and Blue Written by Tim Wise Hits: 4082
2011 Annual Criminal Procedure Review: Selected Issues Written by Georgetown Law Journal Hits: 13879
A Consideration of Mitigatory Criminal Defenses and Racism-related Mental Illness Written by Camille A. Nelson Hits: 9105
Asian and African American and the Criminal Justice System Written by Sheila A. Bedi Hits: 7524
Booker Rules: The Fix for the Mandatory Guidelines System Written by Amy Baron-Evans and Kate Stith Hits: 4140
Can criminal laws improve existing black markets? Written by David Michael Jaros Hits: 8139
Casual Ostracism: Jury Exclusion on the Basis of Criminal Convictions Written by Anna Roberts Hits: 2968
Children of the American Prison Generation: Student and School Spillover Effects of Incarcerating Mothers Written by John Hagan and Holly Foster Hits: 5117
Construction of race and crime in America Written by Anthony Scott Washington Hits: 8046
Contemporary Police Brutality and Misconduct: A Continuation of the Legacy of Racial Violence Hits: 5973
Created Equal Report: Racial and Ethnic in the Criminal Justice System Written by Christopher Bartney and Linh Vuong Hits: 3704
Criminal Law's Tribalism Written by Molly Townes O'Brien Hits: 4088
Criminal Records, Race and Redemption Written by Michael Pinard Hits: 3199
Federal Civil Rights Lawsuits and Civil Gideon: a Solutionto Disproportionate Police Force? Hits: 6154
From Proving Pretext to Proving Discrimination: The Real Lesson of Miller-el and Snyder Written by Joshua C. Polster Hits: 7183
Give Us Free: Addressing Racial Disparities in Bail Determinations Written by Cynthia E. Jones Hits: 3118
Implicit Racial Bias Can Operate in Every Phase of Prosecutorial Discretion Written by Robert J. Smith and Justin D. Levinson Hits: 9378
Implicitly Unjust: How Defenders Can Affect Systemic Racist Assumptions, Criminal Justice in the 21st Century: Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparity in the Criminal Justice System Written by Jonathan A. Rapping Hits: 21353
Is Sympathy Towards Minorities a Race-neutral Reason under Batson V. Kentucky Written by Thomas Galan Hits: 5945
Judicial Toleration of Racial Bias Written by William E. Martin and Peter N. Thompson Hits: 10455
Legal Implications of Cognitive Bias in Police Decision-making Written by L. Song Richardson Hits: 5426
Legal Punishment as Civil Ritual: Making Cultural Sense of Harsh Punishment Written by SpearIt Hits: 8094
Mean Women and Misplaced Priorities: Incarcerated Women Written by Sarah Wynn Hits: 8460
OJ Simpson and Justice in America Written by Edward Blakemore Hits: 2910
Police Efficiency and the Fourth Amendment Written by L. Song Richardson Hits: 5545
Policing, Race, and Place Written by Bennett Capers Hits: 3286
Post-racialism and Searches Incident to Arrest Written by Frank Rudy Cooper Hits: 2646
Preliminary Report on Race and Washingtons Criminal Justice System Written by Research Working Group and Task Force on Race and the Criminal Justice System Hits: 9063
Prosecutors as the Most Powerful Actor in the Criminal Justice System Written by Angela J. Davis Hits: 11402
Race and Ambivalent Criminal Procedure Remedies Written by Brooks Holland Hits: 4460
Race and Social Justice as a Budget Filter: The Solution to Racial Bias in the State Legislature? Written by Sahar Fathi Hits: 3237
Race and the Elements of the Federal RICO Hits: 6358
Race, Identification and Memory of Criminal Events Written by Nancy Franklin and Michael Greenstein Hits: 2745
Race, Reputation and the Supreme Court Written by Fran Lisa Buntman Hits: 4116
Racism in the Criminal Justice System: An Infographic Written by Hits: 4704
Shadow Citizens: Felony Disenfranchisement and the Criminalization of Debt Written by Ann Cammett Hits: 3540
Silence and the Racial Dimension of Megan's Law Written by Daniel Filler Hits: 3323
State Efforts to Reduce Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice:Empirical Analysis and Recommendations for Action Written by Jesse J. Norris Hits: 5881
Stop Terry: Reasonable Suspicion, Race, and a Proposal to Limit Terry Stop Written by Rene McDonald Hutchins Hits: 4829
The Evidence of Things Not Seen : Non-matches as Evidence of Innocence Written by James S. Liebman Hits: 2465
The Hate Crimes Prevention Act: Political Symbol or Prosecutorial Tool? Written by Michael F. Pabian Hits: 3962
The Intractable Problem: Implicit Juror Bias Written by Anna Roberts Hits: 13218
“The Killer Behind the Badge”: Race and Police Homicide in New Orleans, 1925-1945 Written by Jeffrey S. Adler Hits: 10554
The Lack of Accountability for the New York Police Department's Investigative Stops Written by Dasha Kabakova Hits: 13645
The Myth of the Good Cop and the Law Written by Robin K. Magee Hits: 4566
Why are Cross-Racial Eyewitness IDs Especially Unreliable? Written by John P. Rutledge Hits: 5856

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