Friday, June 22, 2018

Law and Justice

Title Author Hits
2nd Amendment Passed to Protect Slavery? No! Paul Finkelman Hits: 6835
A Rule to Forbid Bias and Harassment in Law Practice Stephen Gillers Hits: 886
Disparately Seeking Jurors: Disparate Impact and the (Mis)use of Batson Anna Roberts Hits: 7529
Diversifying the Law Through an All-Minority Bench Meagan M. Rafferty Hits: 217
Diversity, Colorblindness and the Supreme Court Bret D. Asbury Hits: 11282
Do Judges Vary in Their Treatment of Race? David S. Abrams, Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan Hits: 7335
Judicial Recusal: Cognitive Biases and Racial Stereotyping Gregory S. Parks Hits: 5459
Race, the Supreme Court, and the Judicial-institutional Interest in Stability Stuart Chinn Hits: 4568
Racial Disparities in Wiretap Applications Before Federal Judges Thomas J. Miles Hits: 5218
Repairing Harm from Racial Injustice: An Analysis of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Zachary Norris Hits: 1732
The Court's Denial of Racial Societal Debt Kimberle Crenshaw Hits: 4507
The Danger of Conflating Progress and Equality Leo P. Martinez Hits: 10908
The Devastating Impact of the Justice System on the Status of African-American Males: anOverview Perspective Floyd D. Weatherspoon Hits: 24049
The Glorious Jurisprudence of Thurgood Marshall Judge Lynn Adelman Hits: 14403
The Possible Impact of the First Latina/o Supreme Court Justice Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 5108
The Prospects for Judicial Diversity in the Trump Years Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 1018
Tracing the History of Racial Inclusion and Debunking the Color-blind/post-racial Myth john a. powell Hits: 8375
Why Empirically Destabilizing the “Race” Ipsa Loquitur Trope Matters: Reorienting Equal Protection Around Social Practices Osagie K. Obasogie Hits: 4570
Yick Wo at 125: Four Simple Lessons for the Contemporary Supreme Court Hits: 17789

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