Tuesday, May 22, 2018

White (European) American

Title Author Hits
A Message to White America Heather Gray Hits: 5835
Constructing Whiteness Judy Helfand Hits: 14276
Critical Characteristics of Whiteness as Property Cheryl I. Harris Hits: 23318
How the Irish Became White Art MacDonald Hits: 7290
I'm Not White I'm Jewish BUT I'm White Paul Kivel Hits: 6146
Jews and the Problem of Whiteness John O. Calmore Hits: 13945
People v. Hall, (1854). Hits: 6641
Santa, Jesus and the Symbolism of White Supremacy Tim Wise Hits: 12420
School Shootings and White Denial Tim Wise Hits: 10073
The Racial Classification Cases Ian Haney Lopez Hits: 11193

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