Understanding White Privilege

Title Author Hits
"And Grace Will Lead Me Home": The Case for Judicial Race Activism Written by Barbara J. Flagg Hits: 3243
"Crash" is a White Supremacist Movie! Written by Robert Jensen and Robert Wosnitzer Hits: 24917
Continent's Apart Written by George M. Fredrickson Hits: 4433
Defining "White Privilege" Written by Kendall Clark Hits: 26021
Denial - Privilege and Life as a Majority Written by Tim Wise Hits: 5970
Make-believe Families and Whiteness Written by Barbara J. Flagg Hits: 4698
On Being Transracial Written by Issa Randall Hits: 1676
Patriarchy as an Expression of Whiteness Written by Gerald Torres Hits: 6217
Race Traitor: What We Believe Written by Race Traitor Hits: 4926
The Brain-rotting Properties of White Privilege Written by Tim Wise Hits: 7787
The Desire for Whiteness: Can Law and Economics Explain It? Written by Shilpi Bhattacharya Hits: 5312
The Liberal Self-Representation of HWCU Written by David Roediger Hits: 5147
The New Challenge to Native Identity Written by Rebecca Tsosie Hits: 4101
The Persistence of White Privilege and Institutional Racism in US Policy Hits: 15249
The Ultimate White Privilege Statistics & Data Post Written by J.B.W. Tucker Hits: 16410
White Privilege and Law Written by Stephanie M. Wildman Hits: 7724
White Privilege and Native American Written by Paul Gorski Hits: 8253
White Privilege Shapes the United States Written by Robert Jensen Hits: 6418
Whiteness After 9-11 Written by Thomas Ross Hits: 5244
Whiteness and Spatial Racism Written by john a. powell Hits: 7682
Whiteness as Audition and Blackness as Performance Written by John O. Calmore Hits: 5892
Whiteness as Metaprivilege Written by Barbara J. Flagg Hits: 8571
Whiteness, Testing and NCLB Written by Helen A. Moore Hits: 4216

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