Saturday, July 21, 2018

Race and Racial Groups


What is Race?

Article Count:
Title Author Hits
The Model Minority Myth Newsweek Cover Hits: 7117
“The Caucasian Cloak”: Mexican Americans and the Politics of Whiteness in the Twentieth-century Southwest Ariela J. Gross Hits: 148
African-Americans, Latinos, and the Construction of Race George A. Martinez Hits: 10549
Are Chicanos the same as Mexicans? - A Taxonomy Victor Mendoza-Grado and Ricardo J. Salvador Hits: 9746
Chicanos as a Racialized Minority Luis Angel Toro Hits: 27690
Fear of a Latin Planet Marcus Reeves Hits: 6878
Internalized Oppression and Latinos Laura M. Padilla Hits: 36558
Latinas and Human Rights Idea Berta Esperanza Herndez-Truyol Hits: 7613
Latinos Nowhere in Sight: Erased by Racism, Nativism, the Black-white Binary, and Authoritarianism Camilo M. Ortiz Hits: 13607
White Supremacy and Mexican Americans Joe R. Feagin Hits: 32130

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