Thursday, June 21, 2018

V. Conclusion and Prayer for Relief

The facts alleged herein establish that the United States of America violated Eric Garner's rights under Articles I, II, and XXV of the American Declaration. Accordingly, Petitioners--the mother, widow, and children of Mr. Garner on his behalf--respectfully request that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights perform the following:

1. Declare this petition admissible;

2. Investigate--with hearings, witnesses, and evidence as necessary--the allegations in this petition;

3. Declare that the United States of America is responsible for the violation of Eric Garner's rights under the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man; including, inter alia, his right to life and his right to be free from the excessive use of force by state agents under Article I, his right to humane treatment and his right to timely and appropriate medical intervention under Article XXV, and his right to equal protection before the law under Article II;

4. Declare that U.S. police forces have a widespread, systemic problem with the excessive and lethal use of force as well as the disproportionate targeting of racial minorities, specifically black men;

5. Request that the U.S. government and those individually responsible for the violations of Mr. Garner's rights, including all officers and paramedics present at his death, publicly acknowledge their involvement and publicly apologize for those violations;

6. Request that the United States reform and regulate its police forces, pursuant to any recommendations the Commission feels are necessary;

7. Any other such remedies that the Commission feels are effective and adequate to address the violations herein.

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