Wednesday, June 20, 2018

On the Brink: Table of Content

Title Author Hits
Welcome to our African and American Brothers and Sisters Nader Talebzadeh Hits: 52164
". . .the Strike of a Black Man. . .": Black Hero in Islamic History Zeinab Mehanna-Talebzadeh Hits: 58122
African American Declaration of Self-Determination Dr. Musa Dan Fadio Hits: 50280
Anthems at the New Horizon Conference New Horizon Conference Hits: 49537
Apartheid Violations in American Education and the Remedies Cecile Johnson Hits: 52529
Brother Ali: Performance Brother Ali Hits: 53839
Dead Man Walking (Performance) Amir Sulaiman Hits: 52098
How the American Educational System Turns Black Children into Prisoners Prof Vernellia Randall Hits: 58163
Israel: The Harvard University of American Police Brutality Dr. Declan Hayes Hits: 52666
Let Black People . . . Be . . . Black! Kemiour Shabazz Hits: 53081
Nader Talebzadeh Interviews Dr. Vernellia R. Randall New Horizon Conference Hits: 51476
On The Brink New Horizon Conference Hits: 14292
Race, Religion and the Media Nisa Islam Muhammad Hits: 51034
Shame on America! Akbar Muhammad Hits: 55041
Short Clip: A Tribute to a Few of the Many New Horizon Conference Hits: 48910
Short Clip: Blacks in America - Short Historical Overview New Horizon Conference Hits: 48622
Short Clip: Change is Gonna Come New Horizon Conference Hits: 49778
Short Clip: CNN: Teaching Child about Police and White Privilege New Horizon Conference Hits: 50316
Short Clip: Grandmother's Testimony on Death of 7 year old New Horizon Conference Hits: 49197
Short Clip: Iranian TV Announcement New Horizon Conference Hits: 49692
Short Clip: Oh Freedom! New Horizon Conference Hits: 47902
Short Clip: TED Talk - Clint Smith New Horizon Conference Hits: 48740
Short Clip: Throwing a Child Across the Room New Horizon Conference Hits: 49646
Short Clip: Victims Killed by United States Police through Oct, 2015 New Horizon Conference Hits: 52301
Slavery, Legal Apartheid, and Racism: How Inequality in America is Killing Black Americans Prof. Vernellia Randall Hits: 51619
State-Making in an Emerging Modern Afro-Native American Nation Elaina Martin Hits: 53340
The Evolution of Slavery and Black Resistance (Speech and Performance) Candice "Antique" Davis and Hodari B. Davis Hits: 51012
The Pervasive Effect of American Culture on Black People in the Americas Mikail Yusuf Muhammad Hits: 54276
The Struggle Against Racism, Zionism, and Imperialism within U.S. Borders Caleb Maupin Hits: 52818
When I See Them, I See Us: Black and Palestinan Solidarity New Horizon Conference Hits: 63061

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