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Professor  Emeritus Vernellia Randall**
April 26   through  July 4, 2015
Registration Deadline: April 19th

Online (Asynchronous) 

This course explores race, health care and the role of the law in eliminating racial/ethnic inequalities in access to quality health care. It will provide specific attention on understanding the potential impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

1.     Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, a student will be able to:

a.   Define health, health care, health care disparities.
b.   Explain the role of race and racism in health care disparities.
c.   Discuss the role of the law in eliminating racism and discrimination.
d.   Explain at least three factors that affect racial/ethnic minorities access to health care and the role of the law in improving access
e.   Explain at least three factors that affect racial/ethnic minorities quality of health care and the role of the law in improving quality
f.    Discuss the PPACA and its likely impact on racial/ethnic minorities access to quality health care.

2.      Lesson Outline

a.    Introduction to the Course
b.    Talking about and Defining Race
c.    Prejudices, Stereotypes, Bias, Racism and Discrimination
d.    Health and Health Disparities
e.    Patient Protection  and Affordable Care Act
e.    Access to Health Care, Race and the Law
f.     Quality of Health Care, Race and the Law
g.     Pulling it all together: Eliminating Racial Health Disparities


3.  Time Commitment

The entire course is online. There will be one live online webinar orientation session (synchronous) .  The rest of the course is asynchronous.The estimated time for the online discussions is about 2 hours per week.  In addition, there will be reading and video assignments. The amount of time for the reading and video assignments will depend on individual background and interest.

4.   Teaching Methodology

a. Online Participation  :       Discussion Forums, Glossaries
b. Resources                 :        Cases, Law Review Articles, Interdisciplinary Articles, Films, video lectures.

5.   Technology Requirement

You do not have to be a technological wizard to succeed. Feeling comfortable using a computer and navigating the Internet are key. Specifically, if the you  can download from the Web, install programs, copy and paste, and manage your files, the you should be fine technically.

6.   Certificate of Completion

To receive a Certificate of Completion for this workshop, you must complete the following by the due date:

  • Complete each of the discussion forums in a timely manner 
  • Complete workshop survey

7.  Cost:    $  300 (Income over $ 150,000 per year)
                  $  225 (Income between $ 100,001  and $ 150,000  per year)
                  $  150 (Income between $50,001 and $100,000 per year) 
                  $    75  (Income between $25000 and $50,000)
                  $    40  (Income $25,000 or Less per year)

                  (includes book: Dying While Black and  Course Materials)


8.  Additional Enrollment Information



**This course is NOT affiliated with the University of Dayton School of Law. It is a private offering by Professor Vernellia Randall

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