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Class Size, Program Dates and Application Deadlines**

  • Applications are considered on a rolling application basis. (Click Here for Application)
  • Program Dates:   April 26 through July 4th
  • Registration closes:  April  19th

2015   Fee Information

Deposit $  25.00

Income $ 25,000 or Less per year $  40.00
Income between  $ 25,001 and $ 50, 000
$  75.00
Income between $ 50,001 and $ 100,000 per year $ 150.00
Income betwen $ 100,001  and $ 150,000  per year $ 225.00
Income over $ 150,000  per year $ 300.00

 Application Completion Date

An application is not complete until  the deposit is paid. The full payment is due by April 19th.

Refund Policy

If a student withdraws from the program and we receive written notification

  • at least 30 days prior to the start of the program, all fees paid (except non-refundable $ 25.00) will be refunded.
  • at least 10 days prior to the start of the program, all fess paid (except non-refundable $ 25.00) will be refunded if the vacated seat is filled.
  • Less than 10 days prior to the start of the program, no refund
  • After the start of the program, no fee is refunded .
  • If the class is cancelled there will be a complete refund.


Students may be dismissed for rude and unprofessional conduct in the discussion forum and for failing to actively to participate. No refund will be made to a participant who is dismissed.

****This course is NOT affiliated with the University of Dayton School of Law. It is a private offering by Professor Vernellia Randall

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