Africans and African Descendents

Title Author Hits
Blacks and the Dilemma of Patrotism Written by Brian Gilmore Hits: 5446
Blacks as Immigrants Written by Lolita K. Buckner Inniss Hits: 7166
Competing Views of Black Progress Written by Richard Delgado Hits: 4273
George Bush Doesn't Like Black People Written by The Legendary K.O. Hits: 2809
Institutional Practices and the African American Boy Written by Theresa Glennon Hits: 6472
Introduction to the Vienna Declaration and Program of Action of Africans and African Descendants Written by Vernellia R. Randall Hits: 4338
On Becoming Black American Written by David W. Cabado Hits: 5073
Race and the States' Use of Police and Military Force Written by Gerald Jerome Smith Hits: 4266
Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Attorney General Eric Holder at the Department of Justice African American History Month Program Written by Eric Holder Hits: 53587
The Many Costs of Discrimination: the Case of Middle-class African Americans Written by Joe R. Feagin, Kevin E. Early and Karyn D. McKinney Hits: 23437

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