Laws related to Slavery

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Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 Written by Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 Hits: 4787
Fugitive Slave Law - 1850 Written by Fugitive Slave Act(1850) Hits: 4208
Law Articles on Slavery and Reparations Hits: 6006
Slave Codes of the State of Georgia, 1848 Written by State of Georgia Hits: 12738
Slavery (1787 - 1863): Selected Laws and Policies affecting AfricanAmericans Written by Hits: 6176
Slavery Federal Cases - 1790 Written by Hits: 5787
Slavery Federal Cases - 1835 - 1849 Written by Hits: 4324
Slavery Federal Cases 1850 - 1865 Hits: 4708
Slavery: Federal Cases 1783 through 1864 Written by Hits: 3212

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