White (European) American

Title Author Hits
A Message to White America Written by Heather Gray Hits: 4023
Constructing Whiteness Written by Judy Helfand Hits: 10581
Critical Characteristics of Whiteness as Property Written by Cheryl I. Harris Hits: 18134
How the Irish Became White Written by Art MacDonald Hits: 5266
I'm Not White I'm Jewish BUT I'm White Written by Paul Kivel Hits: 3856
Jews and the Problem of Whiteness Written by John O. Calmore Hits: 10966
People v. Hall, (1854). Hits: 4506
Santa, Jesus and the Symbolism of White Supremacy Written by Tim Wise Hits: 9491
School Shootings and White Denial Written by Tim Wise Hits: 8086
The Racial Classification Cases Written by Ian Haney Lopez Hits: 8436
The White Ethnic Narrative Written by Sylvia R. Lazos Vargas Hits: 13368
White American: Law and Policies Affecting Hits: 4346
White by Law Written by Ian Lopez Haney Hits: 8393
White Dependence on People of Color Written by Tim Wise Hits: 4037
White Support for Equality Written by Robert A. Sedler Hits: 6180
Whiteness as Property Written by Cheryl I. Harris Hits: 5349

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