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As I celebrate my 66th birthday. I am so grateful for the love of family and friends.

I am distressed by the continuing oppression of Blacks and the inability of both blacks, whites and others to recognize the virulent anti-black racism that is distinctive american.

Almost generation of blacks have had a system of oppression that they had to attempt to dismantle
- my great-grandparents and ancestors had slavery;
- my grandparents, parents and my self had legal apartheid (aka jim crow),
-my children and grandchildren have de facto apartheid (new jim crow).

Each of these systems have based on a system of law and interpretation. America's de facto apartheid is based on having no formal laws that result racial oppression but limiting illegal discrimination to overt intentional acts -- thus not only allowing but legally authorizing covert, unconscious, unintentional discrimination.

We need to name it. Call it for what its and take on the challenge of dismantling it. It is going to be difficult to dismantle because many blacks now have an economic interest in maintaining the system.

The ingenious of this current day system is assure that some blacks get some limited political power -- but only those blacks who are committed to maintaining the oppressed system - shall I name names - yes Obama, cory booker, the congressional black caucus.

The ingenious of this current system is to assure that some blacks get some limited economic power -- but only those blacks who are committed to maintaining the oppressed system -- shall I name names -- yes Oprah, almost every entertainer, sports person, black ceo

When I was growing up in the south and used to pick cotton, we had a saying that we used for life circumstances " A tough row to hoe." We have left for the younger generation a tough row to hoe.

WAKE UP and protest, rebell. Lets not die with our children in perpetual oppression!


# 1BlkmnsopinionWalter 2014-04-14 00:34
Jews where paid immediately after the Holocaust and are getting paid to this day. By the United States & Germany.. Blacks should be awarded payments along with free Health Care, education any and all Social Services granted to new citizens amnesty for all past Credit & Criminal history for the next 100 years after-all we were slaves from January 1526 until June 19, 1865 and in 2014 more than 40 million Blacks are in chains, jails prisons probation, parole most for non-violent crimes.. Reparations are owed to the descendant's of Slaves if they want it. If you don't stay home just DSN
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# Brett GyllenskogGuest 2013-12-30 04:42
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# Anguish about not guilty verdictlisa williams 2013-07-17 23:44
"Not guilty",the jury of the George Zimmerman trial echoed the verdict . Words can not express the shock, emptiness, confused reaction that I felt when I heard the 6 white women jurors. B37 juror was interviewed by CNN and her heart felt remarks toward George the killer and not Trayvon the victim was clear example how racist America is. Obama a black president is more about his intelluctual genius than a new post modern era that racism no longer exist. As long as white supremacist feel entitled to the belief that they are better racism in America will continue. My question is how do people who of no control of color, gender, family consider this absurd idea of supremacy. God the Supreme Being created all of us . According to His plan. He is the only Supreme one . God please help America. And reveal to every tortured soul the truth. Prejudice is ignorance and should not be in our judicial system, our homes, and in the Trayvon trial with the words "not guilty" . What a travesty !
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# Jurisprudence is not mob passionVed 2013-07-18 12:20
I am not White and I am not from US. However from an outside perspective, I feel that the Blacks in the US are not really conscious of what levels of fantastic social opportunity that they are having compared to the immensity of common persons in Asia and Africa. Lisa Williams focus on White Jurors can be due to her on social experiences. However, she would need to check what all things that she has, that is not from Black antiquity. Her modern dressing standards, knowledge in English, right to equality before the law, right to dignity and much else. I have a singular feeling that the Blacks in USA need to have a living experience of what is reality in Asian and African nations for the common persons there. It can be a cure for all atrocious demands.

As to Black problems, one can be that Blacks who arrive in the US do not have a heritage in English social living. This issue can effect other Blacks who do have it.
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# The hidden truths behind so-called Racism!Ved 2013-07-04 10:02
Racism is not the correct word. Actually what is identified as racism and racial provocations are not just skin colour deep issues. There is indeed something gravely negative in people from Asia and Africa, and even from some Continental European nations.

Asian and African languages do have something in them that is quite evil. In almost all verbal and possibly even in non-verbal conversation, a particular section necessarily goes into the shit. That is, there is a marked code of impoliteness in their own native languages. However, what this is cannot be understood in English, for there is no words or usages or codes in English that can bring in the satanic effect.

I cant write more here. However, interested persons can read more here: The title is The Shrouded Satanism in Feudal Languages.
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# 1BlkmnsopinionWalter 2014-04-14 00:46
gravely negative in people from Asia and Africa or you serious? Who went to a country to visit and then toke the country from the people already there? And did it more than once. What race of people kidnapped another race of people men women and children to do their work for 400 years? SMDH you people are evil.
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# Yeah, racism existsGuest 2013-04-07 01:46
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# Some truthTodd 2012-09-29 19:35
Hi, Racism exists. It severely impacts the lives of many people. It must be fought. I am not sure who wrote this article, but on a law school related blog run by a professor, this article is a bit long on rhetoric and definitely short on analysis.
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