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I voted for Biden after 30 years of not voting for neoliberal Democrats or Republicans. I thought I owed everyone an explanation.

I didn't vote for Biden because Trump is a Fascist. The neoliberal Democrats are just as oppressive.

I didn't vote for Biden because Trump and the Republicans are  Racist. So is Biden and the democrats.

Biden and Democrats are just as invested as Trump and the Republicans in maintaining a system based on the three evils: Capitalism, Racism and Militarism.

So why Vote for Biden? Because Trump is a Malignant narcissist with Antisocial Personality Disorder. For me, that makes him distinctly different than anyone who has run for president in the last 50 years. Many people behave like sociopaths, Trump is an actual sociopath - he has no empathy.


Recognizing the Abuse of a Malignant Narcissist Like President Donald Trump

Excerpted from: Unpacking Malignant Narcissism (Last Visited: October 18, 2020).

If you’re close to someone living with malignant narcissism, it’s important to take care of yourself and watch for signs of abuse. There are many different types of abusive behavior, and some may not seem as clearly abusive as others. Common signs can include:

  • pointing out “flaws” and seeming to enjoy making you feel discouraged or upset, or saying they’re doing it for your own good
  • lying or manipulating you to achieve their own goals, and justifying their behavior and showing no guilt or regret if you call them out on it
  • putting you down, humiliating you, or threatening you, in public or private
  • appearing to enjoy inflicting physical harm
  • showing no interest in your needs or feelings
  • behaving in risky or dangerous ways, without caring if you or other people get hurt in the process (e.g., driving dangerously and laughing when you express fear)
  • saying or doing unkind or cruel things and appearing to enjoy your distress
  • behaving aggressively toward you and other people or things

Someone’s mental health isn’t an excuse for abusive behavior. It’s also important to remember that abusive behavior isn’t always the result of a mental health condition. 

Dealing with Someone with an Antisocial Personality disorder or a high-functioning sociopath like President Donald Trump

Excerpted From: What Is a High-Functioning Sociopath? (Last Visited: October 18, 2020)

Maintaining a relationship with someone who has a high-functioning antisocial personality disorder can be difficult, but it is possible. The key may be to care for yourself, rather than pushing them to find help. These strategies may be useful:

Come to an honest realization:  You can’t fix a person with this condition — there is no cure. But you can arm yourself with the resources you need to properly defend yourself and shepherd them away from scenarios that hurt you.

Don’t make deals: You can’t make agreements or arrangements with someone with high-functioning ASPD. Only you feel the compulsion to uphold the bargain. They don’t. This could lead to additional harm.

Listen to your gut: Someone with this type of ASPD may be adept at manipulating a person’s emotions in order to achieve their goals. Once the charm wears off, you’re left with the reality. If you have a gut feeling about them or their motivations, listen to that little voice.

End the relationship The ultimate way to protect yourself from the potential harm of a person with this type of antisocial behavior is to eliminate them from your life. However, this isn’t always easy.

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