Dealing with Someone with an Antisocial Personality disorder or a high-functioning sociopath like President Donald Trump

Excerpted From: What Is a High-Functioning Sociopath? (Last Visited: October 18, 2020)

Maintaining a relationship with someone who has a high-functioning antisocial personality disorder can be difficult, but it is possible. The key may be to care for yourself, rather than pushing them to find help. These strategies may be useful:

Come to an honest realization:  You can’t fix a person with this condition — there is no cure. But you can arm yourself with the resources you need to properly defend yourself and shepherd them away from scenarios that hurt you.

Don’t make deals: You can’t make agreements or arrangements with someone with high-functioning ASPD. Only you feel the compulsion to uphold the bargain. They don’t. This could lead to additional harm.

Listen to your gut: Someone with this type of ASPD may be adept at manipulating a person’s emotions in order to achieve their goals. Once the charm wears off, you’re left with the reality. If you have a gut feeling about them or their motivations, listen to that little voice.

End the relationship The ultimate way to protect yourself from the potential harm of a person with this type of antisocial behavior is to eliminate them from your life. However, this isn’t always easy.

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