Friday, August 19, 2022

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Healthcare Disparities

Title Published Date Author Hits
Access to a Doctor, Access to Justice? An Empirical Study on the Impact of Forensic Medical Examinations in Preventing Deportations 18 July 2022 Nermeen S. Arastu Hits: 279
Constitutional Law--Black Prisoner Denied Medical Attention: Eighth Amendment Rights Violation Versus Inherent Biases in Medical Racism--sherman V. Corcella, 2020 U.s. Dist. Lexis 125931 (D. Conn. 2020) 11 July 2021 Samantha Das Hits: 1611
Cops in Scrubs 28 May 2022 Ji Seon Song Hits: 531
The Right to Medication-assisted Treatment in Jails and Prisons 25 July 2021 Samuel Macomber Hits: 1052
Legal Epidemiology for Racial Health Equity 18 May 2022 To Nhu Huynh Hits: 675
Black Mothers Matter: The Social, Political and Legal Determinants of Black Maternal Health Across the Lifespan 19 April 2022 Elizabeth Tobin Tyler Hits: 1211
Health Disparities, Health Care Reform, Morality, and the Law: “Keep Your Government Hands off My Medicare” 17 February 2020 Frank McClellan Hits: 2295
Disparities in Access to Solid Organ Transplant Services--Past, Present, and Future 03 July 2022 Courtney A. Carrell and Daniel W. Peters Hits: 236
Racial Disparities in Mental Health Treatment: How Indiana Misses the Mark in Providing Accessible and Quality Treatment Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic 11 July 2022 Allyson Crane Hits: 392
Equal Protection and Scarce Therapies: The Role of Race, Sex, and Other Protected Classifications 13 July 2022 Govind Persad Hits: 199
At the Intersection of Race and Health: Racial disparities in the Maternal Healthcare System 12 June 2022 Sarah Schweitzer Hits: 405
An Unfulfilled Promise: Section 1557's Failure to Effectively Confront Discrimination in Healthcare 12 June 2022 Majesta-Doré Legnini Hits: 392
An Epidemic of Racism in Peer Review: Killing Access to Black and Brown Physicians 12 June 2022 Sidney S. Welch and Tricia “CK” Hoffler Hits: 443
The Maternal Healthcare Crisis: Expanding the Scope of Postpartum Care and Minimizing the Racial and Ethnic Gap 19 May 2022 Arianna M. Rappy Hits: 535
Medical Error and Vulnerable Communities 18 May 2022 Phoebe Jean-Pierre Hits: 291
Dosing Discrimination: Regulating "Prescription Drug Monitoring Program" PDMP Risk Scores 16 May 2022 Jennifer D. Oliva Hits: 479
Death by Apathy: Tolerance of the Government's Failure to Fund Promised Healthcare Causes Loss of Native American Lives 30 March 2022 Lia Maria Fulgaro Hits: 563
Seeking Safety While Giving Birth During the Pandemic 13 February 2022 Elizabeth Kukura Hits: 316
Equality and Sufficiency in Health Care Reform 13 February 2022 Gabriel Scheffler Hits: 214
Should We Discriminate among Discriminations? 13 February 2022 Teneille R. Brown, Leslie P. Francis and James Tabery Hits: 301
Race-based Science and Consumer Discrimination in the Health Care Industry 14 October 2021 Anne-Marie Hakstian and Victoria Chase Hits: 827
The Racial Tension Between Underprescription and Overprescription of Pain Medication amid the Opioid Epidemic 12 July 2021 Kendra Simpson Hits: 1269
Civil Rights as Patient Experience: How Healthcare Organizations Handle Discrimination Complaints 21 June 2021 Anna Kirkland and Mikell Hyman Hits: 768
Unexpected Inequality: Disparate-impact from Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Decisions 19 May 2021 Sahar Takshi Hits: 827
Can You Hear Me?: How Implicit Bias Creates a Disparate Impact in Maternal Healthcare for Black Women 26 April 2021 Kenya Glover Hits: 1788
Racial Profiling in Health Care: An Institutional Analysis of Medical Treatment Disparities 21 February 2020 René Bowser Hits: 1614
Enslaved by Pain: How the U.S. Public Health System Adds to Disparities in Pain Treatment for African Americans 16 February 2020 Dania Palanker Hits: 2683
An Opening for Civil Rights in Health Insurance after the Affordable Care Act 30 August 2019 Valarie K. Blake Hits: 1737
Bakke at 40: Remedying Black Health Disparities Through Affirmative Action in Medical School Admissions 28 May 2019 Jennifer Jones Hits: 2086
Reinvigorating Title VI: Defending Health Care Discrimination--It Shouldn't Be So Easy 18 April 2019 Sidney D. Watson Hits: 1773
Health Care in the Inner City: Asking the Right Question 13 January 2019 Sidney D. Watson Hits: 5105
The State Giveth and Taketh Away: Race, Class, and Urban Hospital Closings 12 April 2018 : Shaun Ossei-Owusu Hits: 2654
Site of Medical Care and Racial Differences 30 May 2015 Marsha Lillie-Blanton, Rose Marie Martinez and Alina Salganicoff Hits: 16719
Hospital Flight from Minority Communities 29 May 2015 Brietta R. Clark Hits: 24589
Health Care: Access after Health Care Reform 15 March 2015 Maria Ioanna Pantelaki and Chloe White Hits: 31999
Race, Segregation, and Physicians' Participation in Medicaid 20 April 2014 Jessica Greene, Jan Blustein, And Beth C. Weitzman Hits: 8553
The Causes of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Medicare 20 April 2014 Timothy Stoltzfus Jost Hits: 9883
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Medicare must Become a Priority 20 April 2014 Timothy Stoltzfus Jost Hits: 7755
The Statute Whose Name We Dare Not Speak: Emtala and the Affordable Care Act 28 April 2013 W. David Koeninger Hits: 34559
Striving for Equality, but Settling for the Status Quo in Health Care: Is Title VI More Illusory than Real? 27 April 2013 Ruqaiijah Yearby Hits: 42761
Is Massachusetts Health Insurance Reform Legislation: An Effective Tool for Addressing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care? 27 April 2013 Renée M. Landers Hits: 24729
What Happens to the Women Who Fall Through the Cracks of Health Care Reform? Lessons from Massachusetts 06 April 2013 Amanda Dennis, Kelly Blanchard, Denisse Córdova, Britt Wahlin, Jill Clark, Karen Edlund, Jennifer McIntosh and Lenore Tsikitas Hits: 19926
Uninsured and Unhealthy: The Health Insurance Woes of African Americans 14 March 2013 Hits: 8429
Affordable Health Care Coverage for Mexican Immigrants in the Southwest: State-initiated Reform in the Private and Public Sectors 22 February 2013 Amelia Valenzuela Hits: 29197
From 500 To 1: The Death Of The African-American Owned Hospital 07 February 2013 William A. Foster, IV Hits: 7767
A Prescription for Racial Equality in Medicine 07 February 2013 Barbara A. Noah Hits: 20131
Inner-city Hospital Closures: Financial Decision or Impediment to Access? 05 February 2013 Kathryn J. Jervis, Gerson M. Goldberg andAlan C. Cutting Hits: 7478
Disentangling Fact from Fiction: The Realities of Unequal Health Care Treatment 05 February 2013 Brietta R. Clark Hits: 29335
The “Health Care Access” Rationale for Narrowly Tailored Race-conscious Admissions and Recruitment Policies in Health Professions Schools 04 February 2013 Thomas E. Perez Hits: 23827
Breaking the Barriers of Access to Health Care: The Role of Civil Rights Litigation 04 February 2013 Marianne L. Engelman Lado Hits: 8661
Access to Health Care: What a Difference Shades of Color Make 04 February 2013 Gwendolyn Roberts Majette Hits: 21934
Translating Rights into Access: Language Access and the Affordable Care Act, 25 May 2012 Joel Teitelbaum, Lara Cartwright-Smith and Sara Rosenbaum Hits: 10952
Clinton's Health Care Reform Proposal Ensure [E]qual[ity of Health Care 01 May 2012 Vernellia R. Randall Hits: 30758
Inequality in Health Care Is Killing African Americans 01 May 2012 Vernellia R. Randall Hits: 17910
Racist Health Care 01 May 2012 Vernellia R. Randall Hits: 56877
Racial Discrimination in Health Care in the United States as a Violation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination 18 April 2012 Vernellia R. Randall Hits: 47936
Medicaid & Race: An Annotated Bibliography 26 May 2011 Student (Spring 2012) Hits: 27863
Closing the Health Justice Gap: Access to Justice in Furtherance of Health Equity 12 April 2022 Yael Cannon Hits: 842
Racial Health Disparities and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 04 January 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 22267
Prisons, Nursing Homes, and Medicaid: A Covid-19 Case Study in Health Injustice 30 June 2022 Mary Crossley Hits: 577
Socially Distant Health Care 17 June 2022 Allyson E. Gold, Alicia Gilbert and Benjamin J. McMichael Hits: 465
The Coronavirus as a Changemaker: Opportunities to Advance American Maternal Care in the Wake of the Pandemic 13 May 2022 Rachel Anderson-Seller Hits: 797
Vaccinating Urban Populations in Response to Covid-19: Legal Challenges and Options 31 March 2022 James G. Hodge, Jr., Jennifer L. Piatt, Leila F. Barraza, Rebecca Freed and Summer Ghaith Hits: 484
Federal Efforts to Provide [COVID-19] Vaccines to Racial and Ethnic Groups 11 March 2022 GAO Reports Hits: 930
Racism, Health Equity, and Crisis Standards of Care in the Covid-19 Pandemic 14 February 2022 Charlene Galarneau and Ruqaiijah Yearby Hits: 1317
Retaining Medicaid Covid-19 Changes to Support Community Living 14 February 2022 Elizabeth Edwards, David Machledt and Jennifer Lav Hits: 473
Racial Equity: Disparities Task Forces as a Strategy to Ensure an Equitable Pandemic Response 05 February 2022 Dawn M. Hunter and Betsy Lawton Hits: 1158
Structural Inequality: The Real Covid-19 Threat to America's Health and How Strengthening the Affordable Care Act Can Help 05 July 2020 Dayna Bowen Matthew Hits: 4511