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Pursuing Citizenship During Covid Ming Hsu Chen Hits: 544
The Tribal Right to Exclude Others from Indian-owned Lands Alex Tallchief Skibine Hits: 904
Reparations for Racial Wealth Disparities as Remedy for Social Contract Breach Martha M. Ertman Hits: 733
The Coronavirus Pandemic And the Demand for Reparations National African American Reparations Commission Hits: 3122
Immigration Policy and Public Health Polly J. Price Hits: 2391
COVID-19 Related Litigation: Challenges to Election and Voting Practices During COVID-19 Pandemic Elizabeth Williams Hits: 2411
Locked up and Locked down in the Land of the Free: A Look at the United States' Prisons and Covid-19's Disproportionate Effect on Black Americans' Right to Health Zachary Parrish Hits: 347
Sentenced to Six Months and a Body Bag: Redefining Deliberate Indifference Behind Bars During the Covid-19 Pandemic Anna L. Bank Hits: 611
Covid-19 and the “Virtual” School-to-Prison Pipeline Victor M. Jones Hits: 1086
Race, School Policing, and Public Health Thalia González Hits: 953
Die Žhnlichkeiten: Learning from Similarities and Key Differences Between U.s. and German Education Policy in the Time of Covid-19 Hannah Cholewinski Hits: 1079
Education Connection: Education in the Time of Covid-19: Remote Learning's Mixed Effects on Students and the School System Ariel Katz Hits: 984
From Digital Disparity to Educational Excellence: Closing the Opportunity and Achievement Gaps for Lowincome, Black, and Latinx Students Christopher Cruz Hits: 974
Requiring Parents to Waive Rights: Education Contracts of Adhesion in the Covid-19 Pandemic Leah A. Plunkett and Michael S. Lewis Hits: 1207
Legal Education During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Put Health, Safety and Equity First Catherine J.K. Sandoval, Patricia A. Cain, Stephen F. Diamond, Allen S. Hammond, Jean C. Love, Stephen E. Smith and Solmaz Nabipour Hits: 1313
Pandemic Pressures on Faculty Meera E. Deo Hits: 714
Together but Unequal: How the Covid-19 Pandemic Exacerbated the Inequities Harming Minority Law Students Khrystan Nicole Policarpio and Grecia Orozco Hits: 228
Breaking Down Status Kaiponanea T. Matsumura Hits: 1226
Meat Processing Workers and the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Subrogation of People, Public Health, and Ethics to Profits and a Path Forward Kelly K. Dineen Hits: 1091
Preserving Pandemic Protections Daiquiri J. Steele Hits: 870
The Human Right to Workplace Safety in a Pandemic Ruben J. Garcia Hits: 1024
The Impact of Covid-19 on the Older Workforce: Reforms to Ensure a Safer Future for Older Workers Angela Coco Hits: 224
Black Urban Ecologies and Structural Extermination Etienne C. Toussaint Hits: 1069
From Covid-19 to Climate Change: Disaster & Inequality at the Crossroads Cinnamon P. Carlarne Hits: 792
Gun Violence and De Facto Segregation: Could Environmental Discrimination Be Fueling Chicago's Soaring Gun Violence? Joerika Stitt Hits: 1291
Practicing on Uneven Ground: Raising Environmental Justice Claims under Race Neutral Laws Brenda Mallory and David Neal Hits: 521
Quiet Suffocation: California Oil and Gas Production near Communities of Color Is a Public Health Crisis Jade Wolansky Hits: 1016
Child Welfare, Reasonable Efforts, and Covid Anita Weinberg and Lilia Valdez Hits: 736
Shelter from the Storm: Human Rights Protections for Single-mother Families in the Time of Covid-19 Theresa Glennon, Alexis Fennell, Kaylin Hawkins and Madison McNulty Hits: 1393
Developments in the Quest to Advance Equity in Maternal and Child Health in the Age of Covid-19: the Bad, the Good, and the Promising Andrea M. Ferrari Hits: 218
Retaining Medicaid Covid-19 Changes to Support Community Living Elizabeth Edwards, David Machledt and Jennifer Lav Hits: 641
A Framework for Tribal Public Health Law Aila Hoss Hits: 1935
Dying to Belong: Racism as a Public Health Issue Montrece M. Ransom Hits: 893
Examining Sociodemographic Data Reporting Requirements in State Disease Surveillance Systems Samantha Bent Weber, Amanda Moreland, Rachel Hulkower andTara Ramanathan Holiday Hits: 198
Health in All Policies: An Approach to Combatting Racism's Impact on Public Health Marie Carp Hits: 580
How Public Health Informed Lawmaking Would Address the Rising Synthetic Opioid Death Toll Jennifer S. Bard Hits: 745
Racism is a Public Health Crisis. Here’s how to respond. Ruqaiijah Yearby, Crystal N. Lewis, and Kira BanksKeon L. Gilbert and Hits: 1194
Social Justice as a Necessary Guide to Public Health Disaster Response Stephen S. Hanson Hits: 604
Taking a Community Approach to Preventing the Creation of a Biological Underclass Vernellia Randall Hits: 7637
The Historical Roots of Mistrust in Science Emily Bergeron Hits: 786
COVID-19 & Race: Principles for a Common-Sense,Street-Smart Recovery: Complete Set PolicyLink Hits: 1851
COVID-19 & Race: Put People First! PolicyLink Hits: 1600
COVID-19 & Race: Build an Equitable Economy PolicyLink Hits: 1633
COVID-19 & Race: Center Racial Equity PolicyLink Hits: 1635
COVID-19 & Race: Invest in Community Infrastucture PolicyLink Hits: 1621
COVID-19 & Race: Protect and Expand Community Voice and Power PolicyLink Hits: 1438
Covid-19's Next Victim? The Rights of the Accused Dubin Research & Consulting Hits: 3083
Federal Agencies to Vigilantly Enforce Civil Rights Laws During and in the Wake of the COVID-19 Crisis U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Hits: 1742
 Native Peoples Amid the COVID-19 Threat Christine Samuel-Nakamura and Felicia Schanche Hits: 2690
Protecting Vulnerable Employees of Covid-19 Pandemic Through Reasonable Accommodation Merrick T Rossein Hits: 5440
Public Health Law Tools: A Brief Guide Kristen Underhill Hits: 1911
Resolving Tensions Between Disability Rights Law and Covid-19 Mask Policies Elizabeth Pendo, Robert Gatter and Seema Mohapatra Hits: 1772
(Un)masking the Truth - The Cruel and Unusual Punishment of Prisoners Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic Ariel Berkowitz Hits: 883
#Livingwhileblack in the Era of COVID-19: Race, Space, and Surveillance Lolita Buckner Inniss Hits: 1816
1200 Dollars and a Mule: COVID-19, The Cares Act, and Reparations for Slavery Kaimipono David Wenger Hits: 2029
A Dose of Dignity: Equitable Vaccination Policies for Incarcerated People and Correctional Staff During the Covid-19 Pandemic Itay Ravid, Jordan M. Hyatt and Steven L. Chanenson Hits: 930
A Tale of Two Cities: Interpreting Racial Disparity in Enforcement of Stay-at-home Orders & Social Distancing Rules in New York Sarah Hopkins Hits: 349
Abortion in the Time of Covid-19: Telemedicine Restrictions and the Undue Burden Test Katherine Fang and Rachel Perler Hits: 1195
Access to Public Records and the Role of the News Media in Providing Information about Covid-19 Adam A. Marshall and Gunita Singh Hits: 1474
Air Quality Equity: Why the Clean Air Act Failed to Protect Low-income Communities and Communities of Color from Covid-19 Helen Sprainer Hits: 597
Allocating Medicine Fairly in an Unfair Pandemic Govind Persad Hits: 774
Anti-Racist Epidemiology, Reparations and COVID-19 Jake Miller Hits: 1352
Applying the Health Justice Framework to Address Health and Health Care Inequities Experienced by People with Disabilities During and after Covid-19 Robyn M. Powell Hits: 1521
Black Los Angeles Demands in Light of COVID-19 and Rates of Black Death Black Lives Matter Los Angeles Hits: 2941
Bring the Masks and Sanitizer: The Surprising Bipartisan Consensus about Safety Measures for In-person Voting During the Coronavirus Pandemic Joshua A. Douglas and Michael A. Zilis Hits: 754
Can Covid-19 Teach Us How to End Mass Incarceration? Amy Fettig Hits: 498
Canadian Criminal Law During (and After) COVID-19 Terry Skolnik Hits: 1738
Collective Response to the COVID-19 Impact on African Americans and other Priority Populations NAATPN Hits: 1915
Color of COVID and Gender of COVID: Essential Workers, Not Disposable People Catherine Powell Hits: 1596
Congressional Democrats Demand That Federal Reserve Examine Racial Employment Gaps — Proposed Legislation CCH INCORPORATED Hits: 1578
Congressional Representatives' Letter to DHHS Re Racial Disparities in COVID-19 Response Elizabeth Warren, Ayanna Pressley, Kamala D. Harris, Robin L. Kelly, and Cory A. Booker Hits: 2861
Coronavirus (Covid-19), Race and Racism: U.S.A. Legal Documents (Searchable Database) Vernellia Randall Hits: 19014
Coronavirus (Covid-19), Race and Racism: U.S.A. News Articles (Searchable Database) Vernellia Randall Hits: 16223
Coronavirus (Covid-19), Racial Minorities and the Guidelines for Opening America Up Again Vernellia Randall Hits: 2450
Coronavirus Equity Considerations (NAACP) NAACP Hits: 1508
Coronavirus: Communities of Color at Higher Health and Economic Risk Samantha Artiga Fr, Rachel Garfield, and Kendal Orgera Hits: 2470
Courts and Civil Justice in the Time of Covid: Emerging Trends and Questions to Ask Helen Hershkoff and Arthur R. Miller Hits: 628
Covid-19 — The Law and Limits of Quarantine Wendy E. Parmet and Michael S. Sinha Hits: 1376
COVID-19 and Constitutional Rights Jackie McDermott and Lana Ulrich Hits: 1559
Covid-19 and Criminal Justice Valena Beety and Brandon L. Garrett Hits: 1592
Covid-19 and Digital Contact Tracing: Regulating the Future of Public Health Surveillance Divya Ramjee, Pollyanna Sanderson and Imran Malek Hits: 1033
COVID-19 and Prisoners’ Rights Gregory Bernstein, et.al. Hits: 1404
Covid-19 Mutual Aid, Anti-Authoritarian Activism, and the Law Michael Haber Hits: 1108
Covid-19 Reflections on Resilience and Reform in the Child Welfare System Kele Stewart and Robert Latham Hits: 1325
COVID-19 Related Litigation: Constitutionality of Stay-at-Home, Shelter-in-Place, and Lockdown Orders Linda A. Sharp Hits: 1056
COVID-19 Related Litigation: Effect of Pandemic on Release from Federal Custody Fern L. Kletter Hits: 1719
COVID-19 Related Litigation: Effect of Pandemic on Release from State and Local Custody Jay M. Zitter Hits: 1435
Covid-19, Courts, and The “Realities of Prison Administration” Part II: the Realities of Litigation Chad Flanders Hits: 328
Covid-19, Doctors, and the “Realities of Prison Administration” Part I: The Realities of a Subject Matter Expert Fred Rottnek Hits: 603
COVID-19, Racial Injustice and Reproductive Rights Ariane Frosh Hits: 1834
Covid-19, Racism and the Conundrum of Mask Requirements Robert Gatter and Seema Mohapatra Hits: 4199
COVID-19: Restoring Civil Rights and Liberties for Young People in Texas Schools Andrew R. Hairston Hits: 1480
Covid-19's Impact on Students with Disabilities in Under-Resourced School Districts Crystal Grant Hits: 1552
COVID-19’s Impact on Communities of Color: A Digital Town Hall with Women of Color Congressional Leaders Congressional Progressive Caucus Center Hits: 1971
Deliberate Endangerment: Detention of Noncitizens During the Covid-19 Pandemic Karlyn Kurichety Hits: 1641
Democratic Senators Push Language Access for Covid-19 Materials CQ Roll Call staff Hits: 1795
Democrats Want Health Study to Determine Cause of Covid-19 Disparities CQ Roll Call staff Hits: 1515
Disability, Access, and Other Considerations: a Title Ii Framework for a Pandemic Crisis Response (Covid-19) George M. Powers, Lex Frieden and Vinh Nguyen Hits: 357
Disposable Lives: Covid-19, Vaccines, and the Uprising Matiangai Sirleaf Hits: 1230
Dying While Black, COVID-19, and the Failure of the Legal System Vernellia R. Randall Hits: 3580
Dying While Black: COVID-19, Chronic Racial Stress and the Inadequacey of the Law (Video) Vernellia Randall Hits: 11128
Essential But Ignored: Covid-19 Litigation and the Meatpacking Industry Alexia Brunet Marks Hits: 428
Even in a Pandemic, Sunlight Is the Best Disinfectant: Covid-19 and Global Freedom of Expression Michael Karanicolas Hits: 846
Federal Efforts to Provide [COVID-19] Vaccines to Racial and Ethnic Groups GAO Reports Hits: 660
Forsaken Heroes: Covid-19 and Frontline Essential Workers James J. Brudney Hits: 1511
Home Is Where the Birth Is: Race, Risk, and Labor During Covid-19 Jennifer C. Nash Hits: 1123
Immigrants and Interdependence: How the Covid-19 Pandemic Exposes the Folly of the New Public Charge Rule Medha D. Makhlouf and Jasmine Sandhu Hits: 1627
Immigration in the Time of COVID-19 (as of April 8, 2020) Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia, et. al. Hits: 2329
Impact of the Coronavirus and Federal Responses on Indigenous Peoples' Health, Security, and Sovereignty Libby Smith Hits: 1304
Infected by Bias: Behavioral Science and the Legal Response to Covid-19 Doron Teichman and Kristen Underhill Hits: 606
Into the Unknown: Covid-19 and the Global Mobility of Migrant Workers Tesseltje de Lange, Sandra Mantu and Paul Minderhoud Hits: 2114
Lawyers Committee - Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Race Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Hits: 2013
Lawyers Committee - Letter to DHHS on Racial Data and Coronavirus Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Hits: 2330
Lessons Learned from Community-driven Responsiveness During Covid-19 Amanda Harris, Brittíni “Ree Belle” Gray, Ciearra Walker and Melinique Walls Castellanos Hits: 262
Masking Up: A Covid-19 Face-off Between Anti-mask Laws and Mandatory Mask Orders for Black Americans Caroline V. Lawrence Hits: 1960
Mass Incarceration, COVID-19, and Community Spread Gregory Hooks and Wendy Sawyer Hits: 1593
Mass Incarceration, Meet Covid-19 Sharon Dolovich Hits: 1522
NEOBHC Demands Covid-19 Race/ethnicity Statistics from Cuyahoga County Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition Hits: 3069
Of American Fragility: Public Rituals, Human Rights, and the End of Invisible Man Etienne C. Toussaint Hits: 1011
On Being Black, Female, and Marginalized During the Covid-19 Patricia A. Broussard, Cheryl T. Page and Angela Downes Hits: 3578
Pandemic Possibilities: Rethinking Measures of Merit Jonathan D. Glater Hits: 1518
Pandemic Surveillance Discrimination and the Racialization of Public Health Crises Christian Powell Sundquist Hits: 875
Period Poverty in a Pandemic: Harnessing Law to Achieve Menstrual Equity Bridget J. Crawford and Emily Gold Waldman Hits: 1139
Policies of Exclusion: The Impact of Covid-19 on People with Disabilities Amanda M. Caleb and Stacy Gallin Hits: 377
Policing Opioid Use Disorder in a Pandemic Jennifer D. Oliva Hits: 1686
Preliminary Thoughts on Access to Justice in the Age of Covid-19 Benjamin P. Cooper Hits: 933
Prisons, Nursing Homes, and Medicaid: A Covid-19 Case Study in Health Injustice Mary Crossley Hits: 184
Privacy in a Pandemic: An Examination of the United States' Response to Covid-19 Analyzing Privacy Rights Afforded to Children under International Law R. Chantz Richens Hits: 879
Protecting the Pandemic Essential Worker Mechele Dickerson Hits: 296
Race, Risk, and Personal Responsibility in the Response to COVID Aziza Ahmed and Jason Jackson Hits: 1055
Racial Disparities & COVID-19 The Movement for Black Lives Hits: 2474
Racial Equity: Disparities Task Forces as a Strategy to Ensure an Equitable Pandemic Response Dawn M. Hunter and Betsy Lawton Hits: 888
Racism, Health Equity, and Crisis Standards of Care in the Covid-19 Pandemic Charlene Galarneau and Ruqaiijah Yearby Hits: 998
Reproductive Injustice and COVID-19 Seema Mohapatra Hits: 1056
Retaining Medicaid Covid-19 Changes to Support Community Living Elizabeth Edwards, David Machledt and Jennifer Lav Hits: 350
Revised Testimony of Professor Benjamin G. Davis On COVID-19 Benjamin G. Davis Hits: 5388
Rising to the Surface: Disasters and Racial Health Disparities in American History Marian Moser Jones Hits: 4259
Ruthless Utilitarianism? Covid-19 State Triage Protocols May Subject Patients to Racial Discrimination and Providers to Legal Liability Miriam F. Weismann and Cheryl Holder Hits: 1131
Sheltering in Place: How California Confronted Covid-19's Looming Eviction Crisis under the Contract Clause Matt Urban Hits: 1019
SIGN THE PETITION: Demand insurance companies prioritize the health of Black people and extend health insurance coverage. Color of Change Hits: 3300
Socially Distant Health Care Allyson E. Gold, Alicia Gilbert and Benjamin J. McMichael Hits: 181
Staying Healthy in a Pandemic: How the Covid-19 Emergency Has Strengthened Barriers to Healthcare for California's Vulnerable Populations Adrian Slipski Hits: 1565
Structural Inequality: The Real Covid-19 Threat to America's Health and How Strengthening the Affordable Care Act Can Help Dayna Bowen Matthew Hits: 4287
Supporting Native American Communities During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Checkpoints, Tribal Sovereignty, and the Implications of Mcgirt V. Oklahoma Elizabeth Hidalgo Hits: 416
Surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020: a Constitutional and Policy Review of Involuntary Medical Quarantine Andres F. Quintana and Mikayla R. Quintana Hits: 1031
Systemic Racism, the Government's Pandemic Response, and Racial Inequities in Covid-19 Ruqaiijah Yearby and Seema Mohapatra Hits: 1268
The Color of Coronavirus: Covid-19 Deaths by Race and Ethnicity in the U.S. APM RESEARCH LAB STAFF Hits: 1088
The Coronavirus as a Changemaker: Opportunities to Advance American Maternal Care in the Wake of the Pandemic Rachel Anderson-Seller Hits: 438
The Covid-19 Pandemic in a Time of Deglobalization: Challenges and Perspectives for Global Governance and International Cooperation Liliana Lyra Jubilut and Angela Limongi Alvarenga Alves Hits: 1234
The Implications of Covid-19 on Potential Jury Attitudes and Perspectives Christopher W. Martin and Rick Goldberg Hits: 841
The Increased Exposure to Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Reducing Most Prison Terms Due to the Harsh Incidental Consequences of Prison Mirko Bagaric, Peter Isham and Jennifer Svilar Hits: 1404
The Need for Social Support from Law Schools During the Era of Social Distancing Michele Okoh and Ines Ndonko Nnoko Hits: 289
The Risks of Criminalizing Covid-19 Exposure: Lessons from HIV Naomi Seiler, Anya Vanecek, Claire Heyison and Katherine Horton Hits: 2142
The Urban Trauma Drama: The Intersecting Path of Criminal Justice and Public Health Revealed During the Covid-19 Pandemic José Felipé Anderson Hits: 990
The Urban Trauma Drama: The Intersecting Path of Criminal Justice and Public Health Revealed During the Covid-19 Pandemic José Felipé Anderson Hits: 1055
Toward Tribal Regulatory Sovereignty in the Wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic Katherine Florey Hits: 1014
United States Racism and the COVID19 Pandemic Roger Wareham and Viola Plummer Hits: 2478
Vaccinating Urban Populations in Response to Covid-19: Legal Challenges and Options James G. Hodge, Jr., Jennifer L. Piatt, Leila F. Barraza, Rebecca Freed and Summer Ghaith Hits: 309
Validity of Tribal Checkpoints in South Dakota to Curb the Spread of Covid-19 Ann E. Tweedy Hits: 630
Voting During a Pandemic: Vote-by-Mail Challenges for Native Voters Patty Ferguson-Bohnee and James Thomas Tucker Hits: 2376
Webinar: Understanding Coronavirus Pandemic's Excess Black Deaths Vernellia Randall Hits: 5280
Well, at Least They Tried: Deliberate Indifference as Prison Officials' Liability Scapegoat for Objectively Inhumane Prison Conditions During Covid-19 Mary Levine Hits: 694
Why the Coronavirus Is So Confusing: A guide to making sense of a problem that is now too big for any one person to fully comprehend Ed Yong Hits: 2267
Why the Special Needs Doctrine Is the Most Appropriate Fourth Amendment Theory for Justifying Police Stops to Enforce Covid-19 Stay-at-home Orders Henry F. Fradella Hits: 1701
Written Testimony on the Disproportionate Impact of COVID-19 on Communities of Color DUE June 10 Richard Neal Hits: 1682
The Overlooked Tragedy of the Pandemic: How Media Coverage of the Covid-19 Pandemic Has Led to an Increase in Anti-asian Bias and Xenophobia Justin J. Hill Hits: 800
HUD's Collaboration with Tribal Nations to Respond to Covid-19 v Elly Kugler and Kyra Perrigo Hits: 1151
Looking for a Silver Lining: How the Covid-19 Pandemic Forces New York to Reckon with its Affordable Housing Crisis Daniel Finnegan Hits: 761
Residential Eviction and Public Housing: Covid-19 and Beyond Anne Kat Alexander Hits: 842
Temporality in a Time of Tam, or Towards a Racial Chronopolitics of Intellectual Property Law Anjali Vats Hits: 884
The Covid-19 Vaccine Race: Intellectual Property, Collaboration(s), Nationalism and Misinformation Ana Santos Rutschman Hits: 876
COVID-19, The Shadow Pandemic, and Access to Justice for Survivors of Domestic Violence Jennifer Koshan, Janet Mosher and Wanda Wiegers Hits: 493
The Need to Reimagine Disability Rights Law Because the Medical Model of Disability Fails Us All Angélica Guevara Hits: 1190
Pandemic: Covid-19 and the Public Health Emergency in Japan Shigenori Matsui Hits: 1497
Realising Economic and Social Rights Beyond Covid-19: the Imperative of International Cooperation Hakeem Yusuf and Philip Oamen Hits: 478
Systemic Racial Barriers to Voting in the Age of Covid-19 Jennifer Terrell Hits: 2215
Dying While Black (2006) Vernellia Randall Hits: 4153

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