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Bioethical Issues


Bioethics Generally

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Reproductive Issues

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The Return of Biological Race? Regulating Innovations in Race and Genetics Through Administrative Agency Race Impact Assessments 28 April 2013 Osagie K. Obasogie Hits: 13415
The Unborn Citizen 24 November 2020 Michael H. LeRoy Hits: 3305
Punishment and Prejudice: Reproductive Coercion in Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention Centers 23 February 2022 Inka Skodowska Boehm Hits: 1844
Pregnant in Captivity: Analyzing the Treatment of Pregnant Women in American Prisons and Immigration Detention Centers 03 August 2020 Wesley Smithart Hits: 2598
The History of Body Snatching is Kinda Racist, Y'all 30 September 2022 Leeja Miller Hits: 1081
Pregnancy, Incarcerated: How Incarcerating Pregnant Women in the United States Is Incompatible with Theories Justifying Punishment 11 March 2021 Madeline Martin Hits: 2379
Connecting Abortion, Gun Violence and More (May 20, 2022) (ThinkTech Hawaii) 20 May 2022 Chuck Crumpton Hits: 2246
Supreme Court Responsibilities (July 8, 2022 ) (ThinkTech Hawaii) 08 July 2022 Chuck Crumpton Hits: 2602
Down and Dirty: Remedies and Reparations for Intersected Environmental and Reproductive Justice 03 July 2022 Mickaela J. Fouad Hits: 1066
Fertility, Immigration, and Public Support for Parenting 22 July 2022 Eleanor Brown, Naomi Cahn and June Carbone Hits: 1582
Is Germline Gene Editing Exceptional? 18 February 2021 Myrisha S. Lewis Hits: 2067
Slavery Segregation and Racism: Trusting the Health Care System Ain't Always Easy! An African American Perspective on Bioethics 26 August 2021 Vernellia R. Randall Hits: 44130
The Technologies of Race: Big Data, Privacy and the New Racial Bioethics 21 November 2018 Christian B. Sundquist Hits: 3309
The Coming End to the Abortion Debate 01 May 2012 Vernellia R. Randall and Tshaka C. Randall Hits: 31674
Hela Cells and Unjust Enrichment in the Human Body 27 April 2012 Deleso A. Alford Hits: 72954
Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman: The Legal Limbo of Being a Parent Before Becoming an Adult 16 October 2022 Simone Lieban Levine Hits: 861
All Aboard the Momnibus: Will Congress's Proposed Legislative Package Help Drive down Black Maternal Mortality Rates? 17 August 2022 Skyler Arbuckle Hits: 1600
Covid: A Silver Linings Playbook 20 July 2022 Anna Reed Hits: 1395
The Dysgenic State: Environmental Injustice and Disability-selective Abortion Bans 18 July 2022 Khiara M. Bridges Hits: 1991
Abortion, Sterilization, and the Universe of Reproductive Rights 17 July 2022 Melissa Murray Hits: 1552
The Marshall Factor: How Forced Sterilization of Native American Women Birthed Generational Reproductive Injustice 11 July 2022 Micalea Simpson Hits: 1840
How Analogizing Socio-legal Responses to Organ Transplantation Can Further the Legalization of Reproductive Genetic Innovation 15 June 2022 Myrisha S. Lewis Hits: 1147
On Women's Rights, Voting Rights, Civil Rights and the US Supreme Court (The Rule of Law in the New Abnormal) 13 May 2022 Charles Crumpton Hits: 2161
The Myth of Abortion as Black Genocide: Reclaiming Our Reproductive Choice 08 May 2022 Shyrissa Dobbins-Harris Hits: 3284
Coercive Interventions in Pregnancy: Law and Ethics 13 July 2021 Debra DeBruin and Mary Faith Marshall Hits: 2813
Miscarriage, Stillbirth, & Reproductive Justice 10 July 2021 Jill Wieber Lens Hits: 2071
The Disproportionate Effect on Native American Women of Extending the Federal Involuntary Manslaughter Act to Include a Woman's Conduct Against Her Child in Utero: United States V. Flute 17 May 2021 Andie B. Netherland Hits: 3368
The Promise of Medication Abortion in California and the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency 13 May 2021 Kerri Pinchuk Hits: 1425
Race-ing Roe: Reproductive Justice, Racial Justice, and the Battle for Roe V. Wade 17 April 2021 Melissa Murray Hits: 1741
Assisted Reproduction and Reproducing Race in an Era of Reckoning 06 March 2021 Dov Fox Hits: 1484
Adopting the Cumulative Harm Framework to Address Second-generation Discrimination 24 February 2021 Nicolás Quaid Galván Hits: 2710
“You Should Have Said Something:” Exploring the Ways That History, Implicit Bias, and Stereotypes Inform the Current Trends of Black Women Dying in Childbirth 13 December 2020 Ambria D. Mahomes Hits: 4764
Exposing the American History of Applying Racial Anxieties to Regulate and Devalue Latinx Immigrant Reproductive Rights 15 July 2020 Cristina A. Quiñónez Hits: 5369
Personal Narrative as a Tool of Legal Analysis to Evaluate and Improve Access to Abortion Services for Indigenous Women in Canada 18 June 2020 Ciarra J. Minacci-Morey Hits: 4656
Thirteenth Amendment Reflections on Abortion, Surrogacy, and Race Selection 06 November 2019 Dov Fox Hits: 4523
Resuscitating The Black Body: Reproductive Justice as Resistance to the State's Property Interest in Black Women's Reproductive Capacity 02 November 2019 Jill C. Morrison Hits: 4257
Chronic Harm: Critical Race Feminism, Labor and Reproduction 14 March 2019 Tanya Ann Kennedy Hits: 3569
What Wrongful Birth Can Tell Us About the Cost of Blackness 18 June 2018 Kimani Paul-Emile Hits: 3205
Race and Assisted Reproduction: Implications for Population Health 18 June 2018 Aziza Ahmed Hits: 3265
Arrests of and Forced Interventions on Pregnant Women in the United States, 1973-2005: Implications for Women's Legal Status and Public Health 06 April 2013 Lynn M. Paltrow and Jeanne Flavin Hits: 48614
Black Female Inmates' Reproductive Rights: Cutting the Chains of Colorblind Constitutionalism 02 July 2012 Helen Paillé Hits: 56118
Race, The New Black: on Fashioning Genetic Brand 20 July 2018 TBA Hits: 2818
Reproductive Injustice and COVID-19 23 April 2021 Seema Mohapatra Hits: 2258
Abortion in the Time of Covid-19: Telemedicine Restrictions and the Undue Burden Test 03 April 2021 Katherine Fang and Rachel Perler Hits: 2433
COVID-19, Racial Injustice and Reproductive Rights 10 September 2020 Ariane Frosh Hits: 2894
In Search of the Common Law Inside the Black Female Body 01 February 2020 Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb Hits: 3001