Roderick J. Harrison, Raising the Minimum Wage: The Impact of the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007 and State Minimum Wage Increases on U.S. Workers, by Race and Ethnicity”, The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, January 2007. Total Pages Read: 25

This article goes into great detail about how the increased minimum wage from the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007 will affect each different racial minority group. It mentions that over 10.4 million workers in the United States will see benefits caused by the increase in the minimum wage under this Act. This article did a nice job of breaking down how the increase in wage will help certain minority groups by using graphs to give a visual aid. These graphs broke down the percentage of minorities working minimum wage jobs and how the increase in pay will be beneficial to them. There were different sections of the article for each group and the graphs visually broke down how the increase in pay, through the three tier pay increase of the Fair Minimum Wage Act, will affect both the economy and each individualized racial group. The graphs made it easier to see how big of an impact a higher minimum wage would have and if our government increases the minimum wage to equal the living wage, even more improvement will be seen. There was no bibliography for this source.