V. Conclusion

An examination of the New Deal cultural attitudes regarding race--in particular, racial attitudes concerning African-Americans--reveals that those sentiments are ingrained in the Social Security legislation that lives on to this day. Mounting a disparate impact challenge through the courts is an insurmountable challenge; it will be up to this generation of lawmakers to update the Social Security Act so that it reflects the social conditions of today. Through an examination of the elements that effect retirement security, it is evident that African-Americans have drastically fewer resources entering retirement than their white counterparts. It will take a holistic approach to correct these inequalities, which involve a thorough look at the institutions that influence retirement security from life to death. It is time to implement a new deal that will secure retirement security for all Americans, not just a segment of the population.


Joseph Robinson, Jr. is Topics Editor 2016-2017, Member 2015-1016, The Elder Law Journal; J.D. 2017, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; M.A. 2007, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; B.A. 2005, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.