Tuesday, July 05, 2022


Civil Rights Era

Title Author Hits
Black Lawyers and Civil Rights: The NAACP's Legal Campaign Against Segregation Leland Ware Hits: 480
Resignation in Protest: Judge William Hastie's Uncompromising Battle Against Discriminatory Treatment of Blacks in the Armed Forces Willie J. Epps, Jr. Hits: 837
Black Lives Matter – A Discussion with Two Civil Rights Attorneys: Walter Riley and Dewitt M. Lacy Justin C. Trimachi Hits: 1000
Building Toward Major Policy Change: Congressional Action on Civil Rights, 1941-1950 Jeffery A. Jenkins and Justin Peck Hits: 8776
Civil Rights for the Twenty-first Century: Lessons from Justice Thurgood Marshall's Race-transcending Jurisprudence Sheryll Cashin Hits: 2389
Minecraft's Lesson on Good Trouble with Nanna (video) That Kid Dynamo Hits: 3368
Mr. Justice Thurgood Marshall 1908-1993: A Bio-bibliographic Research Guide Ruth Johnson Hill Hits: 18708
Race, Law, and Inequality, 50 Years after the Civil Rights Era Frank W. Munger and Carroll Seron Hits: 4074
Subsidizing Segregation Joy Milligan Hits: 2076
The Emergence of a Segregated World and the Road to Sweatt Paul Finkelman Hits: 11943
The Ghosts of 1964: Race, Reagan, and the Neo-conservative Backlash to the Civil Rights Movement Anthony Cook Hits: 2840
Before the New Civil Rights: Understanding the Old Civil Rights Paul Finkelman Hits: 2404
The Battle for an Undiluted Black Vote in Louisiana: Recollections of a White Southern Civil Rights Lawyer Stanley Halpin Hits: 533
Undaunted: William A. Price, Texas' First Black Judge and the Path to a Civil Rights Milestone John G. Browning and Carolyn Wright Hits: 2496