Saturday, October 24, 2020


Racial Reentrenchment and Neoslavery

Title Author Hits
 Time to Fix Civil Rights Act of 1964 Christopher Dunn Hits: 10066
"Color Struck": Intragroup and Cross-racial Color Discrimination Leland Ware Hits: 83234
#BlackLivesMatter and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) Vernellia Randall Hits: 9188
#BLACKLIVESMATTER Kitchen Talk Richael Faithful Hits: 744
African American HistoryMakers and 9/11 The HistoryMakers Hits: 230
Confederate Monuments as Badges of Slavery Alexander Tsesis Hits: 255
Critical Black Protectionism, Blacklivesmatter, and Social Media: Building a Bridge to Social Justice Katheryn Russell-Brown Hits: 1406
Defining the Badges and Incidents of Slavery Jennifer Mason McAward Hits: 102
Derrick Bell's Dilemma: The Interest Convergence Principle and Racial Realism Brandon Hogan Hits: 4468
Does the #ADOS & #MAGA Convergence Signal Imminent Economic Collapse? Omowale Afrika Hits: 745
How the Thirteenth Amendment's Promise of Abolition Holds Protections Against the Modern Debtors' Prisons Sarah Morgan Hits: 2343
Modern Narratives About Race and Slavery: Post-Racialism, Race-Consciousness, and Reparations Atiba R. Ellis Hits: 20098
Race, Rights, and the Thirteenth Amendment: Defining the Badges and Incidents of Slavery William M. Carter, Jr. Hits: 99
RADTALKS: What Could Be Possible If the Law Really Stood for Blacklives? Purvi Shah, Colette Pichon Battle, Vincent Warren, Alicia Garza, Elle Hearns, Carl Williams, Norris Henderson, Umi Selah Hits: 3657
Recent Developments in Desegregation Cases Danielle Holley-Walker Hits: 8669
Section 1 of the Thirteenth Amendment and the Badges and Incidents of Slavery James Gray Pope Hits: 86
Seeking Sankofa: Any Hope for a “Post-Racial” Future Resides in Facing Our Racial Wilson Adam Schooley Hits: 1063
Subjective and Objective Indicators of Racial Progress Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers Hits: 9488
The Early History of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the Implications Thereof Garrett Chase Hits: 2210
The Thirteenth Amendment, Interest Convergence, and the Badges and Incidents of Slavery William M. Carter, Jr. Hits: 239
Urban Education Policy as the Dispossession, Containment, Dehumanization, and Disenfranchisement of Black Peoples Steven L. Nelson and Ray Orlando Williams Hits: 1549
White Saviors Brandon Hasbrouck Hits: 579
White Supremacy, Anti-blackness and the Afterlife of Slavery in the Law Nancy A. Heitzeg Hits: 6924
Towards a More Perfect Union: An Approach to Rectifying White-Black Racial Inequality in American Life John Torpey Hits: 2640
Before the New Civil Rights: Understanding the Old Civil Rights Paul Finkelman Hits: 1019
Racism in American Courts: Cause for Black Disruption or Despair? Derrick Bell, Jr. Hits: 2983
Shackled to Economic Appeal: How Prison Labor Facilitates Modern Slavery While Perpetuating Poverty in Black Communities Neveen Hammad Hits: 1880
There a Future for Critical Race Theory? Adrien K. Wing Hits: 1678
#Livingwhileblack in the Era of COVID-19: Race, Space, and Surveillance Lolita Buckner Inniss Hits: 364
The Hidden Fences Shaping Resegregation Jeannine Bell Hits: 1756
If the Feds Watching: The FBI's Use of a "Black Identity Extremist" Domestic Terrorism Designation to Target Black Activists & Violate Equal Protection Aleena Aspervil Hits: 2083