Thursday, October 29, 2020


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Five Generations of Enslaved Family


This searchable database includes over 6000+ records on legal cases on  Enslaved Africans and Descendants.  The time period covered is before1865. There are summaries of legal documents dating to 1721.

Documents were gathered through  an electronic database search using the following search terms: Documents were gathered through an electronic database search using the following search terms in title or summary of the article: 

African or slave or slavery or enslaved or mulattoes or enslavement or (free within one word of man woman child) or negro or (person of color) or colored or colored

The documents were not reviewed and may only be tangentially related to the topic. Furthermore, it is possible that an inappropriate article is included in the database. If you think an article is racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic or otherwise inappropriate,  please email with the (1) the name of the database and (2) the complete name of the article.

This database has two visible pages  - list of all records (initially) or records that meet the condition (upon search),

 Patrons can get an abstract of an article placed on the website. 
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