1. Be Black

Most people don’t know that white people are scientifically incapable of tasting seasonings (which saves them a lot of money but costs them a lot in ridicule).  Being black means we get to do things that white people can’t do, which is patently unfair. Despite the fact that White History Month is celebrated 11 months every year, Black History Month keeps racism alive. BET and TV One make wypipo upset because wypipo only have 1,295 white television networks. But the one thing that really upsets white people is the fact that they can’t use the n-word without being accused of being racist, while black people get to say it all the time. This double standard keeps racism alive because everyone knows that white people spend 22.94 percent of their time dreaming of a valid reason that would allow them to say “nigger” at the top of their lungs. Even when they’re with their sorority sisters or in a presidential Cabinet meeting, they are persecuted whenever they say something that disparages black people, and it is patently unfair. Not only does this inequality keep racism alive, but more important ... It really chaps their hides.