4. Mention the Words “White Privilege”

A recent study showed that black kids born to rich parents are as likely to be incarcerated as white kids born to parents making $36,000 per year. The study showed that, regardless of the neighborhood, education or income of black parents, their children will likely earn less than white kids whose parents are poorer and less educated and live in better neighborhoods. Black kids receive harsher discipline in schools. Whites are more likely to sell drugs, but blacks are more likely to be arrested for it. Black boys are perceived as older and less innocent than white kids the same age. Meanwhile, white children are exempt from being disadvantaged and criminalized at birth. But referring to that reality as “white privilege” means that you are attacking white people and being racist. Fortunately, whites have solved this problem. No, they haven’t worked to eliminate prejudice (don’t be silly). Instead, they just introduced an alternative, semantics-based solution. There is no such thing as white privilege. Black people are just underprivileged. See. They fixed it for you.