Sunday, January 29, 2023

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Foreign Policy, Wars. Military

Title Published Date Author Hits
The Fight to Be American: Military Naturalization and Asian Citizenship 11 November 2019 Deenesh Sohoni and Amin Vafa Hits: 2893
Russian Election Interference and Race-baiting 13 October 2019 Darin E.W. Johnson Hits: 8950
Made in the USA: Race, Trade, and Prison Labor 24 November 2019 Lan Cao Hits: 5964
Race in Security 22 September 2022 Jaya Ramji-Nogales Hits: 646
Racial Bias in the United States Armed Forces: a Threat to National Security in the Era of Renewed Great Power Competition 12 September 2022 Pavan S. Krishnamurthy Hits: 1359
Crossing the Border: The Interdependence of Foreign Policy and Racial Justice in the United States 22 March 2020 Natsu Taylor Saito Hits: 3519
From the Battlefield to the War on Drugs: Lessons from the Lives of Marginalized African American Military Veterans 11 November 2019 Benjamin Fleury-Steiner, Lionel R. Smith, Tanya N. Whittle and Michael Burtis Hits: 5033
Racing U.S. Foreign Policy 09 April 2019 Ruth Gordon Hits: 3520
Race in America 2021: A Time to Embrace Beauharnais V. Illinois? 10 July 2022 Steven A. Ramirez Hits: 979
Disability Compensation for the Psychological Impact of Race Discrimination: Lessons from the Board of Veterans' Appeals 10 September 2022 Evan R. Seamone Hits: 1178