Policies Affecting Filipino Americans

1898 Treaty of Paris
1899 Filipino-American War
1901 Philippine Organic Act passed by Congress set policy for the Taft era (1901-1913)
1903 Pensionado program authorized
1909 Philippine Tariff Act
1913 Underwood Simmons Act-free trade between United States and Philippines; replaced Tariff Act
1932 Hare-Hawes-Cutting Act excluded Filipino immigration to united States because they were ruled ineligible for citizenship
1934 Tydings-McDuffie Independence Act
1940 Nationality Act made it possible for Filipino immigrants to become naturalized citizens
1946 Philippines granted independence
1952 Immigration and Nationality Act (McCarran-Walter Act)
1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act-removal of national origins quotas facilitated Filipino immigration
1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act - Amnesty program
1990 Immigration Act