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Vernellia Randall
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Professor Emerita of Law
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Excerpted From: Purvi Shah, RADTALKS: What Could Be Possible If the Law Really Stood for Blacklives?, 19 CUNY Law Review 91 (Winter 2015) (Remark) (99 Footnotes) (Full Document)

RadTalkRadTalks is an intervention in the ever-pressing grind of day-to-day social justice work. It is a space where our individual and collective imaginations are free to run wild. A space where bold ideas pierce through the cynicism and routine of social justice work, re-centering us on what is possible when we find the courage to dream.

RadTalks is a curated series of short, inspiring talks given by visionary social justice thinkers on a theme relevant to the current moment. Speakers are asked to use their radical imaginations to present radical ideas that will lead the audience toward radical action


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