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SEC. II. Pardons

51. Pardon of capital offences. -- In every case of conviction, for a capital felony, the owner of the slave, or guardian of the free person of color convicted, may apply to the court before which the conviction shall have taken place, and obtain a suspension of the execution of the sentence, for the purpose of applying to the governor for a pardon, and it shall be in the power of the governor to grant said pardon.

52. Offences not capital, court may grant time to obtain pardon. -- On a conviction for any other offence not punishable by death, the court may, at its discretion, grant a suspension of the execution of the sentence for the purpose of enabling the owner of a slave, or guardian of a free person of color, to apply to the governor for a pardon, or commutation of the punishment in such manner, and upon such terms and conditions as he may think proper to direct.