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N.R.S. 289.820   WEST'S NEVADA REVISED STATUTES ANNOTATED   TITLE 23. PUBLIC OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES (CHAPTERS 281-289)   CHAPTER 289. PEACE OFFICERS   MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS   289.820. Peace officer prohibited from engaging in racial profiling; retaliatory or punitive action prohibited against peace officer for disclosure of information concerning racial profiling

1. A peace officer shall not engage in racial profiling.

2. No retaliatory or punitive action may be taken against a peace officer who discloses information concerning racial profiling.

3. For purposes of this section, "racial profiling" means reliance by a peace officer upon the race, ethnicity or national origin of a person as a factor in initiating action when the race, ethnicity or national origin of the person is not part of an identifying description of a specific suspect for a specific crime.

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