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V. Conclusion

African-American males continue to be victims of racial profiling, even with new safeguards developed by state and federal law enforcement organizations. The selective enforcement is based on stereotypical biases directed at African-Americans by law enforcement officials. Further remedies are needed to prohibit and punish law enforcement officers engaging in such discriminatory conduct. Unfortunately, African-American males lack the political clout to force Congress and other governmental officials to respond in a meaningful manner to prohibit the racial profiling of African-American males and other minorities. Moreover, the courts have failed to safeguard their constitutional rights to travel without fear of being stopped, searched, and arrested by law enforcement officials on the basis of their race and gender.



. © 2004, Floyd D. Weatherspoon, Professor of Law, Capital University Law School (Columbus, Ohio). B.S., North Carolina A&T State University, 1974; J.D., Howard University Law School, 1977.


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