Tuesday, May 11, 2021


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IV. Mexicophobia and the Alleged Latino Security Threat

For decades this nation has been debating the threat posed by the Mexican influx and the browning of America. In the 1990s, Harvard professor Samuel P. Huntington expressed concerns about the growing Latino population, the changing face of America, and the clash of civilizations. Huntington seems to imply, the development of different religions will be a threat to civilizations. The development of many different kinds of religions, such as Buddism, Christianity and Islam, have created divisions and the divisions themselves are a danger to civilization. From this, we can imply that he may have a problem with the growth and development of different languages. Logically, since Europe is struggling with the acceptance of the Muslim religion and America is struggling with the existence of many different languages as a civilization there may be a rising conflict.

Unfortunately, this prejudicial thinking has fed the reservoir of hate that remains as a vestige of America's past. It has resulted in hate crimes against Mexicans in places like Pennsylvania and New York, states usually identified as symbols and bastions of liberty. It has created this Mexicophobia which has in turn led to claims and myths which cloud the immigration debate.