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Police, Brutality and Lynchings


Title Author Hits
Scanning for Bias: A Neuroscientific Response to Policing with Implicit Bias Jeanelly Nuñez Hits: 809
Documentation Status, Neighborhood Disorder, and Attitudes Toward Police and Courts among Latina Immigrants Caitlin Cavanagh, Erica Dalzell and Elizabeth Cauffman Hits: 1958
Racial Innocence: Law, Social Science, and The Unknowing of Racism in the US Carceral State Naomi Murakawa Hits: 2511
The Mark of Policing: Race and Criminal Records Eisha Jain Hits: 528
The Police as Place-Consolidators: The Organizational Amplification of Urban Inequality Daanika Gordon Hits: 1673
Benign Neglect of Racism in the Criminal Justice System (Book Review) Angela J. Davis Hits: 1998
The Illusion of Broken Windows Theory: An Ethnographic Engagement with the Theory That Was Not There Mike Rowan Hits: 2105
Sentencing Memoradum of Derek Chauvin for Murder of George Floyd Peter A. Cahill Hits: 1089
Black Lives Matter and Respectability Politics in Local News Accounts of Officer-involved Civilian Deaths Osagie K. Obasogie and Zachary Newman Hits: 4625
Reforming the Law on Police Use of Deadly Force: De-escalation, Preseizure Conduct, and Imperfect Self-defense Cynthia Lee Hits: 2325
We Are Always Already Imprisoned: Hyper-incarceration and Black Male Identity Performance Frank Rudy Cooper Hits: 7089
“A Few Bad Apples”: How the Narrative of Isolated Misconduct Distorts Civil Rights Doctrine Chiraag Bains Hits: 1920
“Body Cameras Won't Bring Justice”: Why Pennsylvania's Chapter 67a Does Not Promise Police Accountability Peter Hyndman Hits: 1046
“Who's the Man?”: Masculinities Studies, Terry Stops, and Police Training Frank Rudy Cooper Hits: 832
2018: A Year of Racialized Police Communication Chan Tov McNamarah Hits: 1479
A Culture of Silence: Exploring the Impact of the Historically Contentious Relationship Between African-Americans and the Police Mikah K. Thompson Hits: 3912
A Genealogy of Programmatic Stop and Frisk: The Discourse-to-Practice-Circuit Frank Rudy Cooper Hits: 1587
A Legacy of Slavery: The Citizen's Arrest Laws of Georgia and South Carolina Roger M. Stevens Hits: 1231
A Proposed Act: the Stop Police Violence & Criminal Justice Reform Act Maurice R. Dyson Hits: 4452
A Taxonomy of Police Technology's Racial Inequity Problems Laura M. Moy Hits: 345
A Thirteenth Amendment Framework for Combating Racial Profiling William M. Carter, Jr. Hits: 1668
Abolishing Racist Policing with the Thirteenth Amendment Brandon Hasbrouck Hits: 1645
Accountability in Policing: How Complicity Perpetuates Institutional Injustice and Inequities in the United States and South Africa Aditi Juneja Hits: 1685
Afrofuturism, Critical Race Theory, and Policing in the Year 2044 I. Bennett Capers Hits: 1918
Are Police Obsolete? Breaking Cycles of Violence Through Abolition Democracy V. Noah Gimbel and Craig Muhammad Hits: 2324
Are We Nearing the End of Impunity for Taking Black Lives? Margalynne J. Armstrong Hits: 1017
Behavioral Realism, Implicit Bias, and the Reasonable Police Officer: Moving Beyond Good Cop/Bad Cop Megan Quattlebaum Hits: 1843
Black Deaths Matter: Disparities in Gun Homicides, Policing, and News Coverage in Chicago Zach Sommers Hits: 369
Black Lives Matter Review: Jill Leovy, Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America (2015) Samuel H. Pillsbury Hits: 1979
Black People Against Police Torture: The Importance of Building a People-Centered Human Rights Movement Vickie Casanova Willis and Standish E. Willis Hits: 9780
Black, White, and Blue: Bias, Profiling, and Policing in the Age of Black Lives Matter Bridgette Baldwin Hits: 1686
Book Review: The Black Police: Policing Our Own Locking up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America Devon W. Carbado and L. Song Richardson, Hits: 2146
Burning in the Melting Pot: American Policing and the Internal Colonization of African Americans Sawyer Like Hits: 639
Challenging Racist Predictive Policing Algorithms under the Equal Protection Clause Renata M. O'Donnell Hits: 1599
Conscious Neutrality for the U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service Demarquin Johnson Hits: 605
Cop Fragility and Blue Lives Matter Frank Rudy Cooper Hits: 2832
Damages to Deter Police Shootings W. Kip Viscusi and Scott Jeffrey Hits: 382
Death by “Protectors”: Ensuring the Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Americans Against Excessive Force Used by Law Enforcement Henna J. Shah Hits: 318
Derek Chauvin & Darnella Frazier: Thank God for Cellphones in the Hood The HistoryMakers Hits: 579
Dignity Restoration and the Chicago Police Torture Reparations Ordinance Andrew S. Baer Hits: 1897
Discovering Racial Discrimination by the Police Alison Siegler and William Admussen Hits: 711
Dismantling Structural Inequality: Lock Ups, Systemic Chokeholds, and Race-based Policing Cedric Merlin Powell and Laura McNea Hits: 1727
Do the Police Protect and Serve All People in the United States?: a Survey of the Problems Within Modern Policing and Solutions to Ensure the Police Protect and Serve Us All Bianca Velez Hits: 361
Exploring a “Necessary Standard” for the Use of Excessive, Deadly Force by Law Enforcement: A Flawed Solution with Positive Potential Kathleen Y. Murray Hits: 401
Firepower to the People! Gunrights & the Law of Self-defense to Curb Police Misconduct Spearit Hits: 1728
Flagrant Police Abuse: Why Black Lives (Also) Matter to the Fourth Amendment Joelle Anne Moreno Hits: 3963
From Black Power to Hip Hop: Discussing Race, Policing, and the Fourth Amendment Through the “War On” Paradigm Donald F. Tibbs Hits: 330126
How I Stayed Safe When Running Errands Unknown Hits: 1276
How You Start Is How You Finish? The Slave Patrol and Jim Crow Origins of U.s. Policing Connie Hassett-Walker Hits: 770
In the Shadows of the War on Terror: Persistent Police Brutality and Abuse of People of Color in the United States Andrea J. Ritchie and Joey L. Mogul Hits: 1846
Initiating a Path to Re-imaging Peace Officers Acting under the Color of State Law James M. Durant III Hits: 490
It Should Never Be Justified: A Critical Examination of the Binary Paradigm Used to Categorize Police Shootings Allen Slater Hits: 1105
KKK in the PD: White Supremacist Police and What to Do About It Vida B. Johnson Hits: 4670
Law Enforcement “Bills of Rights” Enable Police Violence and Prevent Accountability Nick Place Hits: 9354
Lawless Cops, Latino Injustice, and Revictimization by the Justice System Lupe S. Salinas Hits: 1507
Legal Consciousness as Race Consciousness: Expansion of the Fourth Amendment Seizure Analysis Through Objective Knowledge of Police Impunity Lindsey Webb Hits: 2403
Mapping the Blank: Centering Black Women's Vulnerability to Police Sexual Violence to Upend Mainstream Police Reform Jasmine Sankofa Hits: 1863
Masculinities, Post-racialism and The Gates Controversy: The False Equivalence Between Officer and Civilian Frank Rudy Cooper Hits: 689
Nearsighted and Colorblind: The Perspective Problems of Police Deadly Force Cases Jelani Jefferson Exum Hits: 2533
Not-So-Great Expectations: Implicit Racial Bias in the Supreme Court's Consent to Search Doctrine Diana R. Donahoe Hits: 2178
Of Law and Blacklives, 50 Years Later: Race and Policing in the Aftermath of the Moynihan Report Donald F. Tibbs Hits: 950
Officer or Overseer?: Why Police Desegregation Fails as an Adequate Solution to Racist, Oppressive, and Violent Policing in Black Communities Liyah Kaprice Brown Hits: 13243
Open Letter to Tamir Rice Osagyefo Sekou Hits: 7960
Our Uneasiness with Police Unions: Power and Voice for the Powerful? Marcia L. McCormick Hits: 1086
Police Prosecutions and Punitive Instincts Kate Levine Hits: 307
Police Reform as Preventative Medicine: Reframing Police-community Violence as a Public Health Law Issue Justin K. Reichman Hits: 1237
Police Violence, Use of Force Policies, and Public Health Osagie K. Obasogie and Zachary Newman Hits: 2329
Policing and “Bluelining” Aya Gruber Hits: 520
Policing as an Unavoidably and Foreseeably Dangerous Activity Elias R. Feldman Hits: 2659
Policing the Boundaries of Whiteness: The Tragedy of Being “Out of Place” from Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin Angela Onwuachi-Willig Hits: 2480
Policing the Police: Could Mandatory Professional Liability Insurance for Officers Provide a New Accountability Model? Deborah Ramirez, Marcus Wraight, Lauren Kilmister and Carly Perkins Hits: 1454
Policing, and Lethal Force: Remedying Shooter Bias with Martial Arts Training Cynthia Lee, Hits: 1320
Policing, Racism and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) Vernellia Randall Hits: 7945
Political Activism: Chicago Politicians' Silence When Black Lives Matter Alison Hill Hits: 4670
Predatory Policing Devon W. Carbado Hits: 4517
Pretext and Justification: Republicanism, Policing, and Race Ekow N. Yankah Hits: 1906
Probable Cause Affidavit - George Zimmerman State iof Florida vs George Zimmerman Hits: 15252
Race Has Everything to Do with It: a Remedy for Frivolous Race-based Police Calls Yazmine C'Bona Levonna Nichols Hits: 1399
Race, Policing, and Technology I. Bennett Capers Hits: 2863
Racial Character Evidence in Police Killing Cases Jasmine B. Gonzales Rose Hits: 2164
Reaction To: of Law and Black Lives, 50 Years Later: Race and Policing in the Aftermath of the Moynihan Report Jasmine Adams Hits: 11532
Reasonably Radical: Terry's Attack on Race-based Policing Eric J. Miller Hits: 1597
Reclaiming Black Dignity From the Police and the State John Felipe Acevedo Hits: 1328
Redefining Standards of Excessive Force: Implications for Policy and Practice Mawia Khogal Hits: 1377
Reducing the Impact of Racial Discrimination in Policing Brittain McClurg Hits: 1438
Reforming Policing André Douglas Pond Cummings Hits: 2210
Refusing to Be Governed: Urban Policing, Gang Violence, and The Politics of Evilness in an Afro-Colombian Shantytown Jaime Amparo Alves Hits: 1149
Reopening Ferguson and Rethinking Civil Rights Prosecutions Paul Savoy Hits: 3002
Requiem for Laquan Mcdonald: Policing as Punishment and Abolishing Reasonable Suspicion Donald F. Tibbs and Tryon P. Woods Hits: 3245
Resisting Arrest and Racism - the Crime of "Disrespect" C. Scott Holmes Hits: 8384
Risky Situations: Sources of Racial Disparity in Police Behavior Marie Pryor, Kim Shayo Buchanan and Phillip Atiba Goff Hits: 933
Stop-and-frisk in New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago: Slowly Approaching an Uneasy Synthesis or Running out of Time to Justify its Freight? Brian McNeil Hits: 713
Stop, Frisk, and Assault? Racial Disparities in Police Use of Force During Investigatory Stops Rory Kramer and Brianna Remster Hits: 4044
Systems Failures in Policing Joanna C. Schwartz Hits: 1628
Tamika Mallory's Speech on Nationwide #GeorgeFloyd Protests Tamika Mallory Hits: 3854
The American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man: Using a Human Rights Framework to Deconstruct Systemic Police Misconduct Against Low-income Women of Color Neda Saghafi Hits: 2758
The Constitutional Challenges Awaiting Police Reform--and How Congress Can Try to Address Them Preemptively Matthew Stanford Hits: 1391
The Cost of Silence and the Impact of Restricting Speech in Police Brutality Settlements Delaney E. Anderson Hits: 1090
The Duty to Charge in Police Use of Excessive Force Cases Rebecca Roiphe Hits: 3185
The End of Intuition-based High-crime Areas Ben Grunwald and Jeffrey Fagan Hits: 1099
The Force of Fear: Police Stereotype Threat, Self-legitimacy, and Support for Excessive Force Rick Trinkner, Erin M. Kerrison and Phillip Atiba Goff Hits: 2466
The Futile Fourth Amendment: Understanding Police Excessive Force Doctrine Through an Empirical Assessment of Graham V. Connor Osagie K. Obasogie and Zachary Newman Hits: 2202
The Identity Prism: How Racial Identification Frames Perceptions of Police Contact, Legitimacy, and Effectiveness Andres F. Rengifo and Lee Ann Slocum Hits: 997
The Invisible Rules That Govern Use of Force Ion Meyn Hits: 353
The Klan's Constitution Jared A. Goldstein Hits: 1902
The Logic of Data Bias and its Impact on Place-based Predictive Policing P. Jeffrey Brantingham Hits: 1734
The Paradox of S.B. 1421: A New Tool to Shed Light on Police Misconduct and a Perverse Incentive to Cover it up Carina Miller Hits: 551
The People's Welfare, Police Powers, and the Rights of Free People of African Descent01 Kate Masur Hits: 3158
The Struggle for Reparations in the Burge Torture Cases Joey L. Mogul Hits: 17230
The Truth About the Murder of Chinedu Okobi Ebele Okobi Hits: 7178
Traces of the Slave Patrol: Notes on Breed-Specific Legislation P. Khalil Saucier Hits: 2155
What Exposes African Americans to Police Violence? Devon W. Carbado and Patrick Rock Hits: 2113
White Caller Crime: Racialized Police Communication and Existing While Black Chan Tov McNamarah Hits: 2178
2018 Police Killings of Unarmed Persons (Summary) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2473
2018 Presumption of Guilt Bryan Stevenson Hits: 9868
Anthony Marcell Green (33 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2400
Antwon Rose (17 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2344
Arther Mcafee Jr. (61 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2408
Cameron Hall (27 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2106
Chinedu Valentine Okobi (37 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 1975
Claudia Gonzalez (20 Year Old Hispanic Female) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2489
Cynthia Fields (60 Year Old Black Female) Vernellia Randall Hits: 3040
Darell Richards (19 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2173
Geraldine Townsend (72 Year Old Black Female) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2453
James Benny Hobbs (59 Year Old White Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2215
James M. Burks (35 Year Old White Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2186
Jonathan Duane Atchley (37 Year Old White Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2287
Juan Markee Jones (25 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2775
Marcus David L Peters (24 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2415
Melyda Marciela Corado (27 Year Old Hispanic Female) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2224
Michael Renfroe (36 Year Old White Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2280
Nikolai Yakunin (42 Year Old White Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2144
Rashaun Washington (37 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2259
Richard Rivera (47 Year Old Hispanic Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2385
Ricky Leon Rusche (40 Year Old White Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2351
Robert Lawrence White (41 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2209
Ronnell Foster (33 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2183
Shermichael Ezeff (31 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2346
Stephon Clark (23 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2175
Tyler Miller (51 Year Old White Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2066
Ulises Valladares (47 Year Old Hispanic Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2090
Cops Killing Kids Has Got to Stop! Dave Lindorff Hits: 4492
MichaelAngelo and Makiah Jackson (6/3 Year Old Black) (2015) Vernellia Randall Hits: 5762
Aiyana Stanley-Jones (7 Year Old Black Female) (2010) Vernellia Randall Hits: 5477
Andre Green (15 Year old, Black Male, 2015) Vernellia Randall Hits: 3387
Anthony Jacob Weber (16 Year Old Black Male, 2018) Vernellia Randall Hits: 3103
Antwon Rose (17 Year Old Black Male, 2018) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2994
Archer Amorosi (16 Year Old White Male 2018, Vernellia Randall Hits: 2970
Cameron Tillman (14 Year Old Black Male) (2014) Vernellia Randall Hits: 3249
Carey Smith-Viramontes (18 Year Old Hispanic Male) (2014) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2742
Charles Smith Jr. (17 Year Old Black Male) (2018) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2911
Ciara Meyer (12 Year Old, White Female, 2016) Vernellia Randall Hits: 3609
Jeffrey Holden Jr (18 Year Old White Male)(2014) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2761
Jeremy Mardis (6 Year Old White Male) (2014) Vernellia Randall Hits: 3435
Jesse James Romero (14 Year Old Hispanic Male, 2016) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2629
John Albers ( 17 Year Old White Male) (2018) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2763
Jordan Edwards (15 year old Black Male) (2017) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2663
Jorevis Sruggs (15 Year Old Black Male, 2016) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2529
Jorge Tapia (15 Year Old Hispanic Male)(2015) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2987
Kameron Prescott (6 Year Old Hispanic Male)(2017) Vernellia Randall Hits: 3443
Kemonte Cobbs (15 Year Old, Black Male)(2017) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2850
Laquan McDonald (17 Year Old Black Male) (2014) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2468
Logan Simpson (16 Years Old White Male) (2018) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2577
Michael Brown (18 Year Old Black Male) (2014) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2412
Qusean Whitten (18 Year Old Black Male) (2014) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2682
Shane Whitehead (16 Year Old Black Male) (2015) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2574
Tamir Rice (12 Year Old Black Male) (2014) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2815
Tyre King (13 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 3184
VonDerrit Myers Jr (18 Year Old Black Male) (2014) Vernellia Randall Hits: 2411
Race, School Policing, and Public Health Thalia González Hits: 524
Survey Says?: U.S. Cities Double down on Civilian Oversight of Police Despite Challenges and Controversy Sharon R. Fairley Hits: 1139
The Time Is Now: Criminal Justice Reform in the Wake of George Floyd's Killing Tung Yin Hits: 488
#SEEHERNAME: Using Intersectionality and Storytelling to Bring Visibility to Black Women in Employment Discrimination and Police Brutality Nia A.D. Langley Hits: 789
Covid-19, Racism and the Conundrum of Mask Requirements Robert Gatter and Seema Mohapatra Hits: 3740