Looking Forward

Is BLM the solution to both Chicago and national political silence on police misconduct? Young African-American political activists will and already have changed not only the conversations had by politicians, but the actions taken. What needs to be done to make politicians more accountable in preventing police misconduct? Brown explains that this generation of activists must focus on term limits for politicians. As Brown states, “term limits ... would re-direct America back to some of its foundational values.” Imposing term limits would force aldermen to do the job they were elected to do - care for their communities. President Obama in his last term in office has visited a federal prison, made statements after nine black church-goers in Charleston were murdered out of racism, and condemned police brutality after Baltimore went up in flames. President Obama would not have been nearly as open with his stance on these issues if he worried about reelection, as they are divisive. Being divisive in politics is commonplace; however, we can no longer afford to be divisive about black lives--because black lives matter.