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War on Drugs


Marijuana Legalization

Article Count:
Title Published Date Author Hits
Banished and Overcriminalized: Critical Race Perspectives of Illegal Entry and Drug Courier Prosecutions 03 July 2020 Walter I. Gonçalves, Jr. Hits: 4888
Reconstruction Sentencing: Reimagining Drug Sentencing in the Aftermath of the War on Drugs 21 August 2021 Jelani Jefferson Exum Hits: 2272
Disparities and Mass Incarceration: Laws, Policies, & Implicit Bias, Contributing to Blacks' Mass Incarceration and Addiction Treatment for Whites 27 February 2022 Cynthia Elaine Tompkins Hits: 2915
Drug Decriminalization, Addiction, and Mass Incarceration: A Theories of Punishment Framework for Ending the “War on Drugs” 27 September 2021 Leslie E. Scott Hits: 4723
The Influence of White Exceptionalism on Drug War Discourse 30 October 2022 Taleed El-Sabawi and Jennifer Oliva Hits: 1016
The Racist Roots of the War on Drugs & the Myth of Equal Protection for People of Color 14 September 2022 André Douglas Pond Cummings and Steven A. Ramirez Hits: 877
From Empathy Gap to Reparations: An Analysis of Caregiving, Criminalization, and Family Empowerment 06 July 2022 Charisa Smith Hits: 1979
Roadmap for Anti-Racism: First Unwind the War on Drugs Now 17 June 2022 André Douglas Pond Cummings and Steven A. Ramirez Hits: 1622
What We Got Wrong in the War on Drugs 02 May 2022 Mark Osler Hits: 1838
The Emerging Cannabis Industry among Native American Tribes: Jurisdictional Complexities and Policy in Washington State 13 October 2021 Eric L. Jensen and Aaron Stancik Hits: 1925
Recreational Marijuana Legalization in New Jersey: The Formula for a Bill That Accounts for Racial Injustice 17 June 2020 Kamaria A. Guity Hits: 3158
Opioids Are the New Black 11 March 2020 Courtney L Hits: 2504
Race, Pregnancy, and the Opioid Epidemic: White Privilege and the Criminalization of Opioid Use During Pregnancy 03 February 2020 Khiara M. Bridges Hits: 5495
From Health Policy to Stigma and Back Again: The Feedback Loop Perpetuating the Opioids Crisis 14 November 2019 Nicolas Terry Hits: 3505
The Opioid Crisis in Indian Country: The Impact of Tribal Jurisdiction and the Role of the Exhaustion Doctrine 23 October 2019 Matt Irby Hits: 5048
Opioid Courts and Judicial Management of the Opioid Crisis 28 August 2019 John Kip Cornwell Hits: 2213
Opioid Policing 12 August 2019 Barbara Fedders Hits: 2210
The War on Drugs: The Privilege Against Self-incrimination Falls Victim to State Taxation of Controlled Substances 04 June 2019 Ann L. Iijima Hits: 2545
The Right Hammer for the Right Nail: Public Health Tools in the Struggle Between Pain and Addiction 12 March 2019 Melissa McPheeters and Mary K. Bratton Hits: 2604
Crack as Proxy: Aggressive Federal Drug Prosecutions and the Production of Black--White Racial Inequality 21 January 2019 Mona Lynch and Marisa Omori Hits: 13198
The Effects of the War on Drugs on Black Women: from Early Legislation to Incarceration 27 September 2018 Tiffany R. Simmons Hits: 3618
Prison for You. Profit for Me. Systemic Racism Effectively Bars Blacks from Participation in Newly-legal Marijuana Industry 13 June 2017 Elizabeth Danquah-Brobby Hits: 4693
Black Men as Non-citizens: After the War on Drugs 02 January 2014 Brian G. Gilmore and Reginald Dwayne Betts Hits: 9059
The Scandal of Racist Marijuana Arrests—and What To Do About It 01 November 2013 Harry Levine Hits: 10425
The Drug War as Race War 04 April 2012 Kenneth B. Nunn Hits: 124735
Drug Wars in Black And White 02 April 2012 Joseph E. Kennedy Hits: 12326
Application- Reader Bias: Assessing New Jersey State Agency Bias in the Context of Cannabis Law 30 June 2021 Elissa Frank Hits: 1120
Persistent Inequities in Cannabis Policy 21 February 2021 Katharine Neill Harris and William Martin Hits: 1808
State Efforts to Create an Inclusive Marijuana Industry in the Shadow of the Unjust War on Drugs 27 August 2020 Mathew Swinburne & Kathleen Hoke Hits: 1979
Zoning, Race, and Marijuana: the Unintended Consequences of Proposition 64 13 September 2019 Alexis Holmes Hits: 2635
Marijuana Legalization, Racial Disparity, and the Hope for Reform 07 September 2019 Michael Vitiello Hits: 4327
High Time for Change: How Legalizing Marijuana Could Help Narrow the Racial Divide in the United States 06 August 2019 Gene Taras Hits: 2798
Retroactive Legality: Marijuana Convictions and Restorative Justice in an Era of Criminal Justice Reform 01 July 2020 Deborah M. Ahrens Hits: 4674
From the Battlefield to the War on Drugs: Lessons from the Lives of Marginalized African American Military Veterans 11 November 2019 Benjamin Fleury-Steiner, Lionel R. Smith, Tanya N. Whittle and Michael Burtis Hits: 5033
Dosing Discrimination: Regulating "Prescription Drug Monitoring Program" PDMP Risk Scores 16 May 2022 Jennifer D. Oliva Hits: 1663
The Racial Tension Between Underprescription and Overprescription of Pain Medication amid the Opioid Epidemic 12 July 2021 Kendra Simpson Hits: 2311
How Public Health Informed Lawmaking Would Address the Rising Synthetic Opioid Death Toll 14 April 2022 Jennifer S. Bard Hits: 2627
Taking a Community Approach to Preventing the Creation of a Biological Underclass 23 June 2020 Vernellia Randall Hits: 14293
Policing Opioid Use Disorder in a Pandemic 17 December 2020 Jennifer D. Oliva Hits: 3158
Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco, Racism and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 17 January 2023 Vernellia Randall Hits: 3954
The Trap Chronicles, Vol. 1: How U.S. Housing Policy Impairs Criminal Justice Reform 04 November 2021 Lahny Silva Hits: 2393
From Empathy Gap to Reparations: An Analysis of Caregiving, Criminalization, and Family Empowerment 04 September 2022 Charisa Smith Hits: 1507