Thursday, February 25, 2021


Criminal Justice Reform

Title Author Hits
Defiance, Concealed Carry, and Race Nicholas J. Johnson Hits: 439
Accountability and Repair: The Prosecutor's Case for Restorative Justice Miriam Krinsky and Taylor Phares Hits: 693
Can the ACLU and John Legend Make Prosecutorial Elections Matter? Or Does America Need to Change its System? Reva Ghadge Hits: 742
Restorative Prosecution? Rethinking Responses to Violence Olivia Dana and Sherene Crawford Hits: 404
The Hard Truths of Progressive Prosecution and a Path to Realizing the Movement's Promise Seema Gajwani and Max G. Lesser Hits: 542
Bias and Guilt Before Innocence: How the American Civil Liberties Union Seeks to Reform a System That Penalizes Indigent Defendants Candace White Hits: 1069
Criminal Trials and Reforms Intended to Reduce the Impact of Race: A Review Barbara O'Brien and Catherine M. Grosso Hits: 600
Moving the Needle: Two Promising Tools to Attack Arkansas's Racial Disparity in Criminal Sentencing Anastasia M. Boles Hits: 548
It Should Never Be Justified: A Critical Examination of the Binary Paradigm Used to Categorize Police Shootings Allen Slater Hits: 467
Reclaiming Black Dignity From the Police and the State John Felipe Acevedo Hits: 727
The Constitutional Challenges Awaiting Police Reform--and How Congress Can Try to Address Them Preemptively Matthew Stanford Hits: 864
Abolishing Private Prisons: A Constitutional and Moral Imperative Robert Craig and André Douglas Pond Cummings Hits: 1187
The State of the Law 2020: Prisoners' Rights Georgetown University and The Georgetown Law Journal Hits: 1454
Recreational Marijuana Legalization in New Jersey: The Formula for a Bill That Accounts for Racial Injustice Kamaria A. Guity Hits: 1007
The Failure of the Criminal Procedure Revolution: The Supreme Court's Role in Mass Incarceration William T. Pizzi Hits: 613
Iron Shackles to Invisible Chains: Breaking the Binds of Collateral Consequences Artika Tyner and Darlene Fry Hits: 1288
Mental-Health Courts: Expanding the Model in an Era of Criminal Justice Reform Courtney Black Hits: 382
Retroactive Legality: Marijuana Convictions and Restorative Justice in an Era of Criminal Justice Reform Deborah M. Ahrens Hits: 1567
Survey Says?: U.S. Cities Double down on Civilian Oversight of Police Despite Challenges and Controversy Sharon R. Fairley Hits: 619
The First Step Act's Misstep: Why the First Step Act Violates Prisoners' Rights to Equal Protection Madeleine Dolan Hits: 478
The Governor's Clemency Power: An Underused Tool to Mitigate the Impact of Measure 11 in Oregon Aliza B. Kaplan and Venetia Mayhew Hits: 326
The Never-ending Grasp of the Prison Walls: Banning the Box on Housing Applications Ashley De La Garza Hits: 417
What Were “They” Thinking, and Does it Matter? Structural Inequality and Individual Intent in Criminal Justice Reform Hadar Aviram Hits: 766
Covid-19's Next Victim? The Rights of the Accused Dubin Research & Consulting Hits: 1591
Covid-19 and Criminal Justice Valena Beety and Brandon L. Garrett Hits: 331
Covid-19, Racism and the Conundrum of Mask Requirements Robert Gatter and Seema Mohapatra Hits: 2677
The Effects of Race and Criminal History on Landlords' (Un)willingness to Rent to Exonerees Lesley Zannella, Kimberley Clow, Emma Rempel, Leah Hamovitch and Victoria Hall Hits: 771