Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Criminal Justice Reform

Title Published Date Author Hits
Crime and Punishment: an Empirical Study of the Effects of Racial Bias on Capital Sentencing Decisions 31 March 2022 Matthew A. Gasperetti Hits: 2162
Scanning for Bias: A Neuroscientific Response to Policing with Implicit Bias 27 April 2021 Jeanelly Nuñez Hits: 2583
The Road to Solutions: Systemic Racism and Implicit Bias in Prosecution 14 April 2021 Margaret Olson and Ivy Telles Hits: 2744
Addressing Implicit Racial Biases Against Black Victims in Self-defense Cases 01 April 2021 Unknown Hits: 2444
Incorporation by Any Other Name? Comparing Congress' Federalization of Tribal Court Criminal Procedure with the Supreme Court's Regulation of State Courts 10 April 2021 Jordan Gross Hits: 1702
“A Solemn Promise Kept”: The 1919 Elaine Race Riot and the Broadening of Habeas Corpus 100 Years Later 03 June 2022 Thomas D. Holland and Michael R. Dolski Hits: 1839
Criminalized Students, Reparations, and the Limits of Prospective Reform 06 May 2022 Amber Baylor Hits: 1681
Downsizing the Deportation State 20 July 2022 Jennifer Lee Koh Hits: 665
Undocumented Criminal Procedure 10 March 2021 Devon W. Carbado and Cheryl I. Harris Hits: 1849
Defiance, Concealed Carry, and Race 10 October 2020 Nicholas J. Johnson Hits: 2009
Killing Due Process: Double Jeopardy, White Supremacy and Gang Prosecutions 16 June 2021 Fareed Nassor Hayat Hits: 1341
“These Are the Things That You Have to Learn”: The Misinformation Problem and Collateral Consequences Facing People with Conviction Histories in the United States 30 April 2022 Alec C. Ewald Hits: 1141
Race, Crime, and the Law: A Sociohistorical Analysis 19 December 2021 Shaun L. Gabbidon Hits: 1652
Prosecutors, Ethics, and the Pursuit of Racial Justice 29 May 2022 Roger A. Fairfax, Jr. Hits: 1022
A Prosecutor with a Smoking Gun: Examining the Weaponization of Race, Psychopathy, and Aspd Labels in Capital Cases 13 April 2022 Gabriella Argueta-Cevallos Hits: 1894
Restorative Prosecution? Rethinking Responses to Violence 04 November 2020 Olivia Dana and Sherene Crawford Hits: 1943
The Hard Truths of Progressive Prosecution and a Path to Realizing the Movement's Promise 03 November 2020 Seema Gajwani and Max G. Lesser Hits: 2402
Accountability and Repair: The Prosecutor's Case for Restorative Justice 02 November 2020 Miriam Krinsky and Taylor Phares Hits: 2310
Can the ACLU and John Legend Make Prosecutorial Elections Matter? Or Does America Need to Change its System? 02 July 2020 Reva Ghadge Hits: 2209
Bias and Guilt Before Innocence: How the American Civil Liberties Union Seeks to Reform a System That Penalizes Indigent Defendants 30 August 2020 Candace White Hits: 3348
Fair Questions: A Call and Proposal for Using General Verdicts with Special Interrogatories to Prevent Biased and Unjust Convictions 20 May 2021 Charles Eric Hintz Hits: 1598
Criminal Trials and Reforms Intended to Reduce the Impact of Race: A Review 26 October 2020 Barbara O'Brien and Catherine M. Grosso Hits: 2109
Walking a Mile in Their Shoes Before Judging: Optimizing Judicial Empathy in the Criminal Sentencing of Black Americans with “Impact of Race and Culture Assessments” 09 October 2022 Kylee Gomez Hits: 767
Criminal Stereotypes of Muslim and Arab Americans and the Impact on Evaluations of Ambiguous Criminal Evidence 06 October 2022 Joseph J. Avery, DongWon Oh, Lauren Feldman, Reuven Cooper and Joel Cooper Hits: 942
Awakening the American Jury: Did the Killing of George Floyd Alter Juror Deliberations Forever? 05 June 2021 Tamara F. Lawson Hits: 1408
Solitary Confinement as Illegitimately Proscribed and Disproportional Punishment: Another Angle from Which to Attack the Inhumane Practice 02 June 2021 Danika Jo Anderson Hits: 1554
Bringing Sentencing into the 21st Century: Closing the Gap Between Practice and Knowledge by Introducing Expertise into Sentencing Law 27 May 2021 Mirko Bagaric, Nick Fischer and Gabrielle Wolf Hits: 1314
Moving the Needle: Two Promising Tools to Attack Arkansas's Racial Disparity in Criminal Sentencing 26 October 2020 Anastasia M. Boles Hits: 2424
Black Lives Matter: Trayvon Martin, The Abolition of Juvenile Justice and #Blackyouthmatter 03 July 2022 Nancy E. Dowd Hits: 921
Preemption of Police Reform: A Roadblock to Racial Justice 28 September 2022 Rick Su, Marissa Roy and Nestor Davidson Hits: 663
Balancing Interests in Public Access to Police Disciplinary Records 30 July 2022 Ash Gautam Hits: 1120
No Runs, Few Hits, and Many Errors: Street Stops, Bias, and Proactive Policing 27 July 2022 Jeffrey Fagan Hits: 1374
Damages to Deter Police Shootings 09 June 2021 W. Kip Viscusi and Scott Jeffrey Hits: 1276
The Paradox of S.B. 1421: A New Tool to Shed Light on Police Misconduct and a Perverse Incentive to Cover it up 19 April 2021 Carina Miller Hits: 1409
It Should Never Be Justified: A Critical Examination of the Binary Paradigm Used to Categorize Police Shootings 14 October 2020 Allen Slater Hits: 1974
Reclaiming Black Dignity From the Police and the State 03 October 2020 John Felipe Acevedo Hits: 2200
The Constitutional Challenges Awaiting Police Reform--and How Congress Can Try to Address Them Preemptively 03 August 2020 Matthew Stanford Hits: 2231
Rethinking Prison for Non-Violent Gun Possession 01 November 2022 Robert Weiss Hits: 366
When the Conditions Are the Confinement: Eighth Amendment Habeas Claims During COVID 27 July 2022 Michael L. Zuckerman Hits: 1383
Plea Bargaining and Mass Incarceration 01 March 2022 Albert W. Alschuler Hits: 1165
Hobbling: The Effects of Proactive Policing and Mass Imprisonment on Children's Education 03 November 2021 Benjamin Justice Hits: 1877
Where Is the Strike Zone? Arguing for a Uniformly Narrow Interpretation of the Prison Litigation Reform Act's “Three Strikes” Rule 31 March 2021 Samuel B. Reilly Hits: 1747
The State of the Law 2020: Prisoners' Rights 12 October 2020 Georgetown University and The Georgetown Law Journal Hits: 7333
Abolishing Private Prisons: A Constitutional and Moral Imperative 30 June 2020 Robert Craig and André Douglas Pond Cummings Hits: 2940
From Empathy Gap to Reparations: An Analysis of Caregiving, Criminalization, and Family Empowerment 06 July 2022 Charisa Smith Hits: 1490
Recreational Marijuana Legalization in New Jersey: The Formula for a Bill That Accounts for Racial Injustice 17 June 2020 Kamaria A. Guity Hits: 2686
A Call for an Intersectional Feminist Restorative Justice Approach to Addressing the Criminalization of Black Girls 09 November 2022 Donna Coker and Thalia González Hits: 541
Lemonade: A Racial Justice Reframing of the Roberts Court's Criminal Jurisprudence 26 August 2022 Daniel S. Harawa Hits: 723
“With All the Majesty of the Law”: Systemic Racism, Punitive Sentiment, and Equal Protection 17 August 2022 Darren Lenard Hutchinson Hits: 1124
Parole, Victim Impact Evidence, and Race 29 July 2022 Alexis Karteron Hits: 1032
How Culture Impacts Courtrooms: An Empirical Study of Alienation and Detachment in the Cook County Court System 14 July 2022 Maria Hawilo, Kat Albrecht, Meredith Martin Rountree and Thomas Geraghty Hits: 951
Trauma: Community of Color Exposure to the Criminal Justice System as an Adverse Childhood Experience 22 April 2022 Todd J. Clark, Caleb Gregory Conrad, André Douglas Pond Cummings and Amy Dunn Johnson Hits: 1586
Race and Washington's Criminal Justice System: 2021 Report to the Washington Supreme Court 13 March 2022 The Task Force 2.0 Research Working Group Hits: 754
Revisiting Broken Windows: The Role of the Community and the Police in Promoting Community Engagement 25 February 2022 Tom Tyler and Tracey Meares Hits: 1640
Racial Attitudes and Criminal Justice Policy 17 February 2022 Francis T. Cullen, Leah C. Butler and Amanda Graham Hits: 1880
A Data-driven Remedy for Racial Disparities: Compstat for Justice 15 February 2022 Phillip Atiba Goff and Kim Shayo Buchanan Hits: 1075
“I See What Is Right and Approve, but I Do What Is Wrong”: Psychopathy and Punishment in the Context of Racial Bias in the Age of Neuroimaging 15 February 2022 Alison J. Lynch and Michael L. Perlin Hits: 1731
Much Respect: Toward a Hip-hop Theory of Punishment 01 December 2021 Paul Butler Hits: 1219
The Increasingly Broad Language of Qualified Immunity, Deference Towards Granting It, and the Ramifications of Racial Injustice 15 November 2021 Brandon Sweeney Hits: 1581
Habeas Corpus Reform and Black Lives Matter: A Historical Perspective 10 November 2021 Victoria Romine Hits: 1439
Jailhouse Lawyering from the Beginning 23 October 2021 Kevin D. Sawyer Hits: 717
The Intersection of Race and Algorithmic Tools in the Criminal Legal System 14 October 2021 Vincent M. Southerland Hits: 1062
The Time Is Now: Criminal Justice Reform in the Wake of George Floyd's Killing 11 August 2021 Tung Yin Hits: 1631
Inconspicuous Victims 09 August 2021 Itay Ravid Hits: 800
Racial Bias Still Exists in Criminal Justice System? A Review of Recent Empirical Research 17 July 2021 Yu Du Hits: 2604
Confronting the Biased Algorithm: the Danger of Admitting Facial Recognition Technology Results in the Courtroom 29 June 2021 Gabrielle M. Haddad Hits: 2066
Broken Systems: Function by Design 03 June 2021 Phal Sok Hits: 1194
The Puzzle of Clearance Rates, and What They Can Tell Us about Crime, Police Reform, and Criminal Justice 26 May 2021 Andrew D. Leipold Hits: 696
Untested and Neglected: Clarifying the Comparator Requirement in Equal Protection Claims Based on Untested Rape Kits 18 May 2021 Emily Jones Hits: 1503
Driven to Despair: Confronting Racial Inequity in North Carolina's License Suspension Practices 06 May 2021 Jennifer M. Lechner and B. Leigh Wicclair Hits: 915
Rhetoric and Nostalgia in the Criminal Justice Reform Movement 29 April 2021 Michael Gentithes Hits: 830
Advancing Criminal Reform Through Ballot Initiatives 27 April 2021 Nicholas Ansel Hits: 990
Racial Blindsight: The Absurdity of Color-blind Criminal Justice 22 April 2021 Andrew E. Taslitz Hits: 1934
Examining Black Citizenship: Rhetoric and Nostalgia in the Criminal Justice Reform Movement 29 March 2021 Michael Gentithes Hits: 1062
Mental-Health Courts: Expanding the Model in an Era of Criminal Justice Reform 04 December 2020 Courtney Black Hits: 2633
The Never-ending Grasp of the Prison Walls: Banning the Box on Housing Applications 01 December 2020 Ashley De La Garza Hits: 2746
The Governor's Clemency Power: An Underused Tool to Mitigate the Impact of Measure 11 in Oregon 29 October 2020 Aliza B. Kaplan and Venetia Mayhew Hits: 1299
The Failure of the Criminal Procedure Revolution: The Supreme Court's Role in Mass Incarceration 29 September 2020 William T. Pizzi Hits: 1943
The First Step Act's Misstep: Why the First Step Act Violates Prisoners' Rights to Equal Protection 01 September 2020 Madeleine Dolan Hits: 1785
Survey Says?: U.S. Cities Double down on Civilian Oversight of Police Despite Challenges and Controversy 02 August 2020 Sharon R. Fairley Hits: 1901
What Were “They” Thinking, and Does it Matter? Structural Inequality and Individual Intent in Criminal Justice Reform 10 July 2020 Hadar Aviram Hits: 1474
Retroactive Legality: Marijuana Convictions and Restorative Justice in an Era of Criminal Justice Reform 01 July 2020 Deborah M. Ahrens Hits: 4229
Iron Shackles to Invisible Chains: Breaking the Binds of Collateral Consequences 29 June 2020 Artika Tyner and Darlene Fry Hits: 3510
The Forgotten Victims of Missing White Woman Syndrome: An Examination of Legal Measures That Contribute to the Lack of Search and Recovery of Missing Black Girls and Women 09 June 2019 Jada L. Moss Hits: 4661
Holding the United States Liable for Indian Country Crime 13 July 2022 Adam Crepelle Hits: 1040
Ahmaud Arbery, Reckless Racism and Hate Crimes: Recklessness as Hate Crime Enhancement 15 July 2021 Ekow N. Yankah Hits: 1959
Unpacking the Teaching Potential of a Hypothetical Criminal Case Involving a Cross-Racial Eyewitness Identification 26 November 2022 Lynn Su Hits: 148
Criminal Legal Education 29 April 2021 Shaun Ossei-Owusu Hits: 1556
Climate Change and the Criminal Justice System 18 July 2021 Laurie L. Levenson Hits: 1821
The Urban Trauma Drama: The Intersecting Path of Criminal Justice and Public Health Revealed During the Covid-19 Pandemic 18 December 2021 José Felipé Anderson Hits: 2040
Covid-19 and Criminal Justice 02 December 2020 Valena Beety and Brandon L. Garrett Hits: 2598
Covid-19's Next Victim? The Rights of the Accused 23 July 2020 Dubin Research & Consulting Hits: 4055
Covid-19, Racism and the Conundrum of Mask Requirements 10 July 2020 Robert Gatter and Seema Mohapatra Hits: 5125
The Trap Chronicles, Vol. 1: How U.S. Housing Policy Impairs Criminal Justice Reform 04 November 2021 Lahny Silva Hits: 1963
The Effects of Race and Criminal History on Landlords' (Un)willingness to Rent to Exonerees 20 August 2020 Lesley Zannella, Kimberley Clow, Emma Rempel, Leah Hamovitch and Victoria Hall Hits: 3000