Sunday, February 05, 2023

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Racial Groups


Asian Americans

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Latina(o) Americans

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White (European) American

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Biracial and Multiracial

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Other Racial Groups

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Title Published Date Author Hits
To Be or Not to Be: Who Is an “Indian Person”? 18 May 2012 Daniel Donovan and John Rhodes Hits: 32878
The Outdated "Blood" Test Used to Determine Indian Status in Federal Criminal Prosecution 14 April 2012 Quintin Cushner and Jon M. Sands Hits: 11189
American Indian Tribes 05 August 2011 Vernellia Randall Hits: 11599
American Indian Tribes by Region 05 August 2011 Vernellia Randall Hits: 22344
Indians and The Vampire Law 05 August 2011 John Rockwell Snowden, Wayne Tyndall, David Smith Hits: 14907
Diasporic Dreams: Law, Whiteness, and the Asian American Identity 20 June 2022 Nicholas Loh Hits: 1679
Model Minority, Yellow Peril: Functions of “Foreignness” in the Construction of Asian American Legal Identity 21 March 2021 Natsu Taylor Saito Hits: 1970
Empowerment, Discrimination, and The Facade of Leadership: Asian American Political Elites' Failed Assimilationist Strategy 24 March 2020 Kevin Shawn Hsu Hits: 3656
Scattered: the Assimilation of Sushi, the Internment of Japanese Americans, and the Killing of Vincent Chin, A Personal Essay 02 February 2020 Frank H. Wu Hits: 4222
The Failure of the Pan-Asian Coalition to Advance the Interests of Southeast Asian Americans 22 December 2019 Susan Taing Hits: 2674