Thursday, February 02, 2023

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Africa, Generally

Title Published Date Author Hits
Constitutional Reform and the Abolition of the Mandatory Death Penalty in Kenya: An International Comparison 18 May 2012 Andrew Novak Hits: 79220
Dreams of Liberation Bound by Bondage: Eradicating Slavery in Libya 06 July 2020 Danielle D. Rogers Hits: 4613
The Use of Comparative African Jurisprudence, and the Judicialization of Politics 15 September 2017 Joseph M. Isanga Hits: 4219
Legal Tradition and Transitional Justice in Uganda 01 January 2013 Dana Zartner Hits: 11854
Legal Developments in Africa - 2011 16 June 2012 Harriet O. Acheampong, et. al. Hits: 87754
United States 2011 Report on Status of Minorities in Africa 27 May 2012 U.S. Dept. of State Hits: 129490
"Educated" to Feel Inferior: Will Africa ever Catch Up?" 01 April 2012 Bedford Nwabueze Umez Hits: 12319
Prospects of an African Court of Human Rights 01 April 2012 Yemi Akinseye-George Hits: 9219
Should Europe Pay Reparations to Africa for Colonialism and Slavery? 01 April 2012 Ryan Michael Spitzer Hits: 40534
African Courts and Human Rights 01 April 2012 Mirna E. Adjami Hits: 9119
The African Union and the New Partnership for Africa's Development 01 April 2012 Nsongurua J. Udombana Hits: 9738
Towards a Model for African Humanitarian Intervention 01 April 2012 J. Emeka Wokoro Hits: 9666
The Institutional Structure of the African Union: a Legal Analysis 01 April 2012 Nsongurua J. Udombana Hits: 13749
African States and the UN Universal Periodic Review 01 April 2012 Allehone Mulugeta Abebe Hits: 10873
Information Age Imperialism: China, ‘Race,’ and Neo-colonialism in Africa and Latin America 26 June 2021 James Dever and Jack Dever Hits: 3262
International Law, African Customary Law, and the Protection of the Rights of Children 04 August 2020 John Mukum Mbaku Hits: 3829