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F. Sierra Leone

In February and March 2011, the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) heard closing arguments in the Charles Taylor case in The Hague, signaling the closure of the Tribunal.

In May 2011, the Sierra Leone Parliament passed the Persons with Disabilities Act, which guarantees persons with disabilities free tertiary education, free public medical services, protection from discrimination, and access to public buildings and transportation. The Act also establishes the National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities and the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities to work in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender, and Children's Affairs.

Parliament approved the Local Courts Act, which is designed to regulate the administration of informal courts, which are relied upon by a vast majority of Sierra Leoneans living in rural districts. The Local Courts Act of 2011 repeals 1963 legislation of the same name, and, inter alia, transfers supervisory authority over local courts to the office of the Chief Justice from the Ministry of Local Government.

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