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E. Rwanda

A new immigration law was introduced on March 21, 2011. The law introduced a national migration policy to align with the Common Market Protocol on the free movement of people, labour and services, as agreed by the five Partner States. This new law, inter alia, permits citizens of the East African Community countries to visit Rwanda for a period up to six months without a visa. Furthermore, to facilitate movement of Rwandans, a collective Laissez-Passer can be issued to people travelling as a group mainly for social activities. The maximum duration of an entry visa has been extended from fifteen to thirty days, multiple entries are permitted, and the visa fee has been reduced. Rwandans who lost their citizenship due to the acquisition of other nationalities and were ineligible for dual citizenship can now receive a permanent residence card. Finally, to assist foreigners seeking work or residency in Rwanda, the respective permits have been combined. A resident permit holder will also now have the right to work within the country.

Vernellia R. Randall
Founder and Editor
Professor Emerita of Law
The University of Dayton School of Law