Thursday, February 02, 2023

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Title Published Date Author Hits
Taxes, Taxpayers, and Settler Colonialism: Toward a Critical Fiscal Sociology of Tax as White Property 29 March 2022 Kyle Willmott Hits: 3384
Re-Imagining Indigenous Peoples' Role in Natural Resource Development Decision Making: Implementing Free, Prior and Informed Consent in Canada through Indigenous Legal Traditions 08 November 2019 Grace Nosek Hits: 3483
Rights, Race, Redistribution, and Responsibility: A Case Study of the United States, South Africa, Canada and Palestine 02 March 2021 Zinaida Miller Hits: 5170
A Reasonable Alternative to Guilt: Flight and Anti-Black Racism 03 September 2022 Danielle Sandhu Hits: 1286
Black Voices Matter Too: Counter-Narrating Smithers v the Queen 10 November 2022 Amar Khoday Hits: 814
Canadian Criminal Law During (and After) COVID-19 21 December 2020 Terry Skolnik Hits: 3819
Missing and Murdered: Finding a Solution to Address the Epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada and Classifying it as a “Canadian Genocide” 17 June 2022 Melanie McGruder Hits: 2519
Self-Determination, Subordination, and Semantics: Rhetorical and Real-World Conflicts over the Human Rights of Indigenous Women 10 November 2019 Sam Grey Hits: 3808
A Crisis of Conscience: Miscarriages of Justice and Indigenous Defendants in Canada 12 November 2019 Malini Vijaykumar Hits: 4887
Reconstituting Canada: The Enfranchisement and Disenfranchisement of ‘Indians,' Circa 1837-1900 24 October 2019 Coel Kirkby Hits: 3933
African Canadian Coalition Against Racism 01 April 2012 STATEMENT OF THE AFRICAN CANADIAN COALITION AGAINST RACISM (ACCAR) Hits: 13014